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What’s the best way to make clients and customers want to purchase from you? What’s the most attractive thing for a partnership? It’s all about the branding, baby. Let’s talk about how business branding for small businesses has nothing to do with the logo, colors and fonts, but rather everything to do with you how you brand yourself.

Show Notes:

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  • Sue mann says:

    Jennifer I just love you as you have taught me more about how to be a successful business woman. This is perfect as I have never gone live yet.. as I am this week. But you had said in one of your podcasts to let people connect with who I am . So I started to post some of my blooper videos to show the silly side of me..
    you are a gem to me..
    much love
    Artzy Junkin

  • Debbie SMITH says:

    Thanks for this podcast. Very informative!

  • Karen Stumbo says:

    I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your inspiration! I have been following you for about a month now, and I look forward to seeing your live video’s and tips. I am a “creative” trying to grow my business, and using your techniques I sure have gotten a great response on my facebook page. I would have loved to have taken your course, but the finances just aren’t available for me to do that. Unfortunately we just had our house foreclosed on. You have really encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, and to take the needed steps to grow. You have been a true blessing in this stressful time. Thank you for making me smile, and reminding me that God has this!!

  • Patricia L. Winker says:

    I listened to your podcast number 66 on my lunch hour today. I am nervous and excited about starting the next phase of my life. I have been making and selling wreaths for 6 years and also coordinate a high school craft show twice a year and Work full time. I will be retiring in September and I am soaking up everything I can about getting my business started full time. Thank you for your helpful tips. I can’t wait!!! I will be listening to all your podcasts I missed so I can catch up.

  • Julie says:

    Great info. on branding ! Keeping me in check to stay focussed on MY vision and MY brand.

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