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This is my best advice to all creative entrepreneurs is: STOP working for FREE. Creatives are the only people who gets asked to do free work or get paid with free supplies. We need to change this mindset. Let me explain why your opinion, your recommendations, your knowledge and talent is worth something to companies, clients and customers. Affiliate marketing is just one way to start getting paid in dollars rather than in free craft or paint supplies.

Show Notes:

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You are worth more than free paint and how to get paid for your professional recommendations and opinions Episode 063 of the Jennifer Allwood Podcast | How to Charge what you'er worth| affiliate marketing | #businesstips #creativebusiness #businessadvice #creativeentrepreneur




  • Tammie Price says:

    I love this, Jennifer! I am going to do it! You have convinced me! Everytime I share a picture of my ticking striped slipcovered wing back chairs I always get asked where I got them. I’ve had them for about 3 years and have gave that company name out no telling how many times. I have thought I should have an affiliate link for them, but wasn’t sure how to go about getting one. Thank you!

  • Trina says:

    Thanks for this, another jewel to put in my treasure box for the future.

  • Karla says:

    HI Team Jennifer! Where can I find a copy of your painting business contract that you mention in this Podcast?

    Thank you!

  • Mary says:

    Once again, Jennifer has hit the nail squarely in the head. Incredible information and inspiration. Thank you so much!

  • Amanda See says:

    Thank you so very much, I don’t know what it was about your podcast but I feel so empowered now and confident. I was feeling like at my mid 30’s and 4 kids (aged 2-14) that I’ve hit my prime and this is it, this is how I will be for the rest of my life, but after listening I feel better about what to do next and the steps necessary. I feel, for the first time ever, that I can actually take this little side hustle and turn it into a prosperous business. I am hooked now and once again, thank you so very much!

  • I just closed a brick and mortar store and studio because a painting franchise moved in next store to me, and had an exclusive for art classes in that plaza. Yes, I should have been grandfathered in, but God had other plans for me. My customers and the community were outraged by the little guy, me, being pushed out. My customer base has increased and now I am ready for an exciting new adventure in my business. This podcast was exactly what I needed to hear. I realize now, God closed that door to open wide a new one. Thank you for helping me open that door!

  • Wow wow. My friend Keri has been telling me about you for probably a year now, and I totally wish I would’ve plugged in before now. This is so good, and I’m definitely gonna have to get on putting together affiliate links more.

  • Debbie Agnew says:

    This was an awesome message! I owned a brick and mortar for several years but have moved on to starting my own online wreath business now. I have so much to learn. I love listening to you Jennifer, you are so inspirational and I always come away with so much information from you! Can’t wait to work on getting some affiliate links. Thank you so so much!!!

  • Gail Wilson says:

    Hello Jennifer,

    I love your honesty and those angel wings you talk about. I struggle as I am not as knowledgeable in setting up the various affiliate marketing links and would love some step by step details. Also didn’t know there are so many affiliate links and I will go and check out those that you had discussed. I really appreciate your wealth of information and your closeness to God, I hope he continues to listen to my prayers. Thank you for just being You!!!

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