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In this episode of The Jennifer Allwood Show, owner of The Magic Brush and pro DIY-er Jennifer Allwood chats with Anchored Soul Designs business owner and member of her coaching group, Stacey Haynes. Jennifer coaches Stacey and helps her find ways to transform her business. You can find Stacey doing business at


Show Notes

Here are some products, people and classes I referenced in this podcast. Some of these links may be affiliate links but I only recommend things I use and love and want to make your shopping easier!


Stacey Haynes, Owner of Anchored Soul Designs (Her facebook site is here.)

Check out her cute hand-painted signs she makes! This is a Missouri one I am eyeing.

PERFECTLY Price Your Projects


My Pricing Webinar helps creatives charge for their creative talents and stop giving away their time for FREE!


A blog post on being average: 4 things to do when you feel stuck, average or mediocre at best (and like everyone else is winning)


Another blog post: Are you an INTROVERT? Or an Extroverted Introvert? And why Introverts make GREAT BUSINESS OWNERS!

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