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69% of all business owners start their business from home and, in this episode, Jennifer Allwood encourages you to make that leap! Jennifer shares her story on how she got to where she is.


Show Notes

Here are some products, people and classes I referenced in this podcast. Some of these links may be affiliate links but I only recommend things I use and love and want to make your shopping easier!

  • My Creative Entrepreneurs Inner Circle is an amazing way to support  and encourage other women in business. It’s a fantastic group!
  • I love to use Zoom for video conferencing my coaching groups. My affiliate link is here.
  • I referenced my Facebook LIVE videos on hiring help. Watch below:
  • Who to hire? Where do I find them? And what to hire for?
  • In this video, I talk about hiring help for your business! (I will shoot down every one of your objections as to why you CANT hire help!)


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