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Dear Richard Weber: I have your endtable!

By June 14, 201019 Comments

You all know my husband feeds my furniture addiction. A few weeks ago, he called to tell me he found this solid wood end table/bookcase in someone’s bulky item pickup.

It’s in pretty sad shape.

And after Beth at Stories of A to Z has been posting about getting bed bugs from furniture….. I’m not planning on bringing it in my house any time soon.

But the cool part is what I found on the back:

Aaaaahhhhhh….. I wonder if Richard himself threw the table out??? Or, if his momma was trying to sneak it to the trash like I sneak my kid’s school work to the trash (did I just say that outloud?)?

Either way, I’ve been priming. Let the fun begin.

If Richard Weber reads this… I’d be happy to return your cute table to you when I’m all done!

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