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Crackled Painted Fabric Chair | Magic Brush

I recently had the honor of painting this chair for a women’s event at my church that Julianna Zobrist was speaking at. 

For those of you who don’t know, Julianne is married to the 2016 World Series baseball MVP, Ben Zobrist. Julianna is a singer, songwriter, total fashionista and…. kind of a big deal, so I was excited to paint something for her event!

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Crackled Painted Fabric Chair | Magic Brush

This is the chair I was given to work with and my friend Ryan asked me to make it white. Since I had done THIS PROJECT  basically “dying” the fabric, I thought I would try that technique first.

I mixed 1 part FAB fabric paint + 1 part French Vanilla chalktype paint + 5 parts water .

We brushed that mix on the fabric with this chalk-type paint brush trying to “work it” down into the fabric to dye it just like I had before.

Sadly, my old technique didn’t work.   After 2 coats …. the chair was still doo-doo brown.  I think because we were trying to go lighter vs. darker that the fabric just wouldn’t change color much.

So, I had to come up with another plan.  And I didn’t really have another plan. Except to add more French Vanilla to the mix and put the mix on thicker.

And that worked….. the painted fabric chair definitely went white, but it also cracked as it dried.

After the first coat, we let it dry and then sanded the whole thing with a little square medium-grit sanding block. The sanding makes the fabric soft again! But the cracks remained.

Then we did a 2nd coat of paint. And it cracked even more!

We finished with a final sanding coat so it would not be hard and crunchy.

Crackled Painted Fabric Chair | Magic Brush

I have no idea if we could even duplicate this look again? I mean look at these amazing huge crackle patterns!!! It was such a happy accident!!!!


Crackled Painted Fabric Chair | Magic Brush

And the more it cracked the more I loved it!!!!



Crackled Painted Fabric Chair | Magic Brush

Ava was also a fan of my painted fabric chair! Isn’t she a pumpkin pie?

Crackled Painted Fabric Chair | Magic Brush

I have no idea if we could ever replicate the look again, but I certainly will try because it looks like a hundred-year-old fabric.




Crackled Painted Fabric Chair | Magic Brush

And Julianna Zobrist sat in it!


Crackled Painted Fabric Chair | Magic Brush

By the way, this is my church lobby. We have the most incredible design team at my church headed by the talented Ryan Skjervem. I want to decorate like him when I grow up!

Crackled Painted Fabric Chair | Magic Brush

Let’s look at this one more time. What a glorious happy accident, huh?


Crackled Painted Fabric Chair | Magic Brush

To recap, we used:

Happy Painting!


For more painted  fabric chair ideas see my painted blue crushed velvet chair here, which also started as an ugly brown!

And for more home painting projects, check out my FREE VIDEO of 10 things to update in your home before dinner! I have quite a few easy paint projects for you to try!

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Crackled Painted Fabric Chair | Magic Brush | DIY Painted Chair Ideas | White Painted Chair



  • Angela says:

    What if a previous cleaning solution caused the reaction like this? Just my first thought. I love happy accidents!

  • Shirley says:

    I have been online design dreaming for at least 10 years and prior to that any design book I could get my hands on for the previous forty years and this is the most fabulous thing I’ve ever seen! I would be so proud to have that sitting right in the middle of my living room!
    I know you work hard at painting because it’s not an easy task but you have totally outdone yourself with this one! Well done!!!

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