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Bubbly Crystal Knobby Thingy – my new love

By January 5, 201020 Comments

This summer I bought this huge, heavy, bubbly, crystal knobby thingy at a garage sale for $5!!!!!

That’s right…. $5.00!!!!!!

What a steal! The knobs themselves are worth way more than that!!!

I know the lilac stenciling was horrible. But look what I made out of it….

It just needed a little less lilac love and a sloppy coat of stain.

Oh how I LOVE the bubbles!!! In my opinion, there will never be a faux finish good enough to duplicate good old mother nature, neglect, weather and TIME……..

I had another crystal knob cabinet door that I bought for $1.00 this summer at the Habitat for Humanity store. I put the same brown stain on it. They are both hung in the new bathroom. I’m looking for cute hangers and towels to hang from them.

And yes, I know… I need something on the chair and something on the wall and more pics of the bath. All in due time…. slow and steady wins the race is my motto this Christmas break.

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