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Today I am so honored to interview Angelica Duncan! She shows women how to build online ministries, and used to be in my coaching group, Creators’ Inner Circle, and is now going to be one of the speakers at my virtual event, Money, Faith, and Business! Not only that, but she is also in my prayer group every Monday morning, and has been a huge inspiration to me! I remember we were having a conversation recently about leveling up in business and spiritually, and how that’s when “critters” are released in your life. Like a lot of times when I am getting ready to launch something, it feels like all heck breaks loose!! Angelica has helped me discern patterns and watch for them as I am leveling up in business. When you are getting ready to take new territory, the critters come out. The conversation was so powerful I had to share it with you! Listen as we talk about God’s word, the sabbath, anointing on your business, and taking your money territory. If you loved this conversation today, you need to sign up for my virtual event, Money, Faith, and Business!

Hit the Highlights

[06:23] How Angelica went from an email list of 400 to 40,000 people in 40 days.
[13:29] What happens when you level up in your business and feel resistance.
[20:10] How to have a defense against the critters in your business.
[21:51] God shutting a door vs. resistance from the enemy.
[25:10] What are the courts of Heaven and how does that relate to business?
[28:25] Taking time off of your business and honoring God in your rest.

All About Angelica

Angelica Duncan is a Prophetic Strategist, Apostolic Instigator, and Kingdom Provocateur. She agitates women to live fully in their God-Design. She has a passion to help women who are Kingdom-focused and purpose-driven, to build spirit-filled and sustainable online ministries. Through her invitingly-witty blog posts, bible studies, and social media influence, she’s here to encourage, equip, and empower you to go deeper into the word so you can go deeper into ministry. She’ll inspire you to be intimate in faith, diligent in ministry, and to lead with grace — all for His Glory!

When she’s not helping women build their faith-based online platforms, she’s baking up sweets in her kitchen (Pinterest is her muse), dancing the night away, birthing her next brainchild, cheering on the Lakers, and indulging in something dripping with chocolate.

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