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I am revealing my new blue kitchen island today!

But first let’s take a look at what my kitchen island looked like before … 

Blue Kitchen Island Jennifer Allwood the Magic Brush Inc

If you’ve been following along our home remodel, we’ve been updating the dark faux finishes that my decorating company painted years ago. (Oh, the irony!!) 

The kitchen space is to die for. There’s much cabinet storage, good counter space and general openness.  I envisioned a light, clean and glamorous kitchen. We wanted a kitchen that was two different colors and I’ve always wanted the kitchen island to be different color than everything else. 

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When we first moved in the island was the shape of a seashell or piece of pie. We wanted the room to have more balance and symmetry and the wedge just didn’t fit the space right. Also, we really wanted to accentuate the gorgeous window over the sink, and the wedge shape distracts your eye from it.

Another thing we didn’t love about the previous kitchen island: it was tall on one side. Dropping the bar always make a room feel bigger and gave us a lot more seating. ( If you remember in my previous kitchen, we lowered the bar there too and you can see that project here. )

So we hired a local company Miller’s Custom Cabinets located in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, to build us a new kitchen island. And they did the most amazing job!!! (You can find them on Facebook here.)

(In the interest of disclosure, I am not getting paid to write this blog!)



Ta-da!!! It has everything I wanted: Balance. Seating.Clean. Glamorous. Emphasizes the pretty picture window. 

Blue Kitchen Island with Gold Barstools Jennifer Allwood

We picked out a manmade quartz for the countertops, which you can read more about here. And painted the cabinets in Sherwin Williams’ Smoky Blue. The white cabinets are Alabaster. If you love my choices, and need help picking out your own paint colors, you can download my free list of 50+ Paint Colors here. I’ll help you pick out the right ones!

I know you are going to ask, you can find my gold glam barstools here. I picked them out to go with the gold faucets … 

… and the gold cup pulls … and gold handles. As you may already know, I’m OBSESSED with gold fixtures right now. You can get more details on our Belwith Keeler gold hardware in my previous post here

(You can find that colorful runner rug here; we also have the area size one too, which is here.)


We included a prep sink where Jason stands and cooks a lot. And it’s right across from the coffee bar, which is really convenient. And it’s close to the dog food, which seems to be even more convenient.

We also hid the microwave below the counter so it’s not taking up valuable counter space. I just prefer hidden microwaves!

One of the best things we did was create a special spice drawer. It makes it so easy to see your spices when cooking!! (And keep them organized)

Blue Kitchen Island Jennifer Allwood 2


Blue Kitchen Island

Another thing we did, which we thing was GENIUS. We have a USB plug-in in the outlet so the kids can set at the counter and charge their phones.


Blue Kitchen Island Before and After _ Jennifer Allwood

So it’s not finished. I’m sure you noticed the studded walls and backsplash… We also need to hang up light fixtures …. if you like following along be sure to sign up for my blog emails to get our home updates

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PS If you’re looking to pick out some new paint colors, again get my favorite 50 paint colors here.  





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Blue Kitchen Island by Jennifer Allwood before and after .  Blue Kitchen Island by Jennifer Allwood before and after Kitchen Remodel



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