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cut out area of the wall

I’m so excited to show our black wallpaper wall in our basement!

So, do you see how this wall has a built-in area for a fireplace? Well, our contractor, David Nelson, asked us if we wanted to do a fireplace in that spot. And the truth is, we really didn’t since we have several other fireplaces in the house already (ok the truth is 5. We literally had 5 already! lol).

I asked David if we could just use the area for storage and build a wall right over top of that built-in space. He said, “Certainly!”.

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visual drawing of future wall layout

So, I sent him this snapshot of the opening (because this is how my brain works), and I used my finger to paint it black and then I used white to visualize a TV on the top and then a mantle. But the only way for that to make sense would be a fireplace on the bottom. However, I didn’t want a built-in fireplace.

But David informed me that you can get these gas fireplaces online that are long and skinny… He said some of them don’t even put out heat if you don’t want them to. Well, he talked us into it and he found this awesome fireplace insert at Wayfair HERE.

He took my “drawing” (LOL) and basically made that come to life. He built this wall with plywood and painted it in SW Tricorn Black, which many of you know is one of my 50 favorite paint colors that you can get for free HERE. It looked great. Here’s my little model showing it off…

little girl smiling and posing in front of fireplace wall

black fireplace wall in basement

Then, we had my designer friend Deb here, and she said she loved how the wall looked but she thought it would look even better if it had a wallpaper pattern on it.  So she showed me a bunch of samples and this is the one we decided we loved!

black fireplace wall with wallpaper design and tv

So, she ordered this wallpaper D.L. Couch online and I love it. It just gives an additional “spice” to that wall, if you know what I mean. I love that we have another TV here for the kids, and the small fireplace that we can turn on and off whenever we want… which is totally different than our other fireplaces in the home!

full view of basement living room with fireplace wall and lounge chairs

beautiful modern basement with fireplace and living room area

So there, you have it, my friends! If you haven’t read the blog post on our basement decor, you can check that out HERE. We’re also thinking about doing a blog post on the doors that lead out to the pool. You can subscribe to my email list so you never miss a home remodel update!

Pin the graphic below to save it for later! 🙂

Black wallpaper wall with fireplace insert


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