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Royals Baseball sign

The Kansas City Royals, my hometown baseball team, is in the ALCS playoffs. So in support of them, I decorated our front porch in a “Be Royal” theme. Obviously this could be adapted to any baseball team or to any sport but this is my baseball front porch decor for fall!

First I painted an old piece of barnwood in Sherwin Williams “Commodore”.   This video shows how I did it. I love to use  3M’s 77 spray as adhesive to stick the stencil to the board to make the stenciling easier and keep the stencil in place with no bleeding.  You can get that spray at Jo-Ann’s/Home Depot/Lowe’s type stores.




HObby Lobby stencil

After that dried, I used this stencil pattern from Hobby Lobby to stencil the words “BE ROYAL”.   You know me, I am totally 100% committed to ordering all of my words stencils custom from The Mad Stencilist, but I needed this stencil THAT DAY, so I had no time to order!  If you ORDER a custom stencil, you don’t have to worry about spacing and little things like the extra “S” I put on the end of ROYAL.  #forthelove.




stenciling oops

THIS is the face of the girl who crafted too fast and does better when she ORDERS her word stencils. Lol.  (I added an extra “s” at the end). It was nothing a little extra blue paint couldn’t fix!



spray paint pumpkins

I spray painted some pumpkins for the project because I’m obsessed with painted and decorated pumpkins. My best pumpkin tip is this: spray paint the bottom FIRST! This pumpkin has the stem down in the box to make it easier.  My next tip is this: do NOT do this in your favorite fur vest.




spray paint pumpkin

Another great tip is to wrap the stem of the pumpkin in tin foil so that you don’t spray paint it. I used “Patriotic Blue” by Krylon for the spray paint color.



spray paint dead flowers

And then I was feeling totally froggy, so I spray painted my half-dead mums. Yes, I spray painted them.  Please don’t send me hate mail….  THEY WERE GOING TO DIE ANYWAY. =)




blue mums

And now they look ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmazing.




Burger King crown

The crown on top of the Be Royal sign was a split second decision when I realized that Burger King, yes….. Burger King has crowns with their kid’s meals. I literally laid it down on a piece of cardboard and spray painted it gold! And then I stapled it to the barn wood. You can’t tell at all unless you are right up on it.




baseball wreath

The baseball wreath was a project I had made earlier this spring. You can find the tutorial to make it on my website HERE.




Royals Baseball sign

And my baseball front porch looks “ROYAL”. I love it!

This will be pinned on my Pinterest account tomorrow, so look for it HERE.

And in the meantime…. GO ROYALS!!!

Much love,



Baseball Front Porch Decorating Ideas




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