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baseball cuffs with bling

Apparently I didn’t think I was busy enough with 3 kids, a hunk of a husband, a great faux finishing business, painting furniture for The Red Apron and trying to adopt.  So I thought I would throw another branch into the fire and make baseball cuff bracelets to sell (insert insane, evil laugh here).I can’t help myself tho! They are so cute!!!

Plus, I think I am enjoying them because it is a SMALL, easily managed project that I can finish in an hour!!!


making baseballs into bracelets

And when I say “I”…..I really mean “the hubby and I”.

He is the destroyer of the balls.

And, our kids like the insides.


In typical princess fashion….. I just get to work on the pretty stuff.

Each cuff is one of a kind.

Some of them are completely unique.  Like this one which was a woman’s broach from a thrift store.  I only had one to sell, but about 10 requests for it.  Darn the luck!

You know I did some with bling.

And some personalized.

And the cuffs wouldn’t scream “me” if there weren’t a few made with animal prints.


Oh and I am obsessed with angel wings right now.  Is that the bomb or what?

And this guy.  Seriously…..
He is the cutest baseball cuff maker around.
He never tells me no to any of my hair-brained DIY ideas.  I love him!!!
UPDATE 5/2016 : If you are interested in purchasing a baseball cuff, email me at [email protected]. I am no longer making the cuffs but am forwarding all orders to my mother who is. The cuffs are $40 plus $5 S&H . 



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