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I am scheduled to be on the local morning TV show called “Kansas City Live” again this Tuesday. On the first show, I showed how to paint a chalkboard. You can see that blog post with the video footage here.  For this show….I am demonstrating different ways to paint pumpkins.

Our friend Craig O’Reilly who owns Crazy Craig’s Pumpkins in Liberty donated a TON of various pumpkins and mums to me for the program…..I am so stoked!!!

Here was one of the pumpkins before painting.

This is my gold spray paint I bought to use on it. I get many questions about the brand of spray paints I use. For the record…..I am not prejudiced when it comes to spray paint. I don’t have one brand that I prefer over another. Unless of course….one of them wants to begin sponsoring my blog….then I will CERTAINLY have a preference (hello Krylon marketing dept!!!).  LOL.

You really don’t have to paint very far up under the pumpkin, so something like this really professional can of bamboo shoots out of my pantry is sufficient for hoisting the pumpkin up a bit.

And she is all metallic’d up!!!!

My 11 year old neighbor taped this video of Ava and I painting yesterday.  I should have applied lipstick, brushed my hair and cleaned the face-paint off my 4 year old…..but this is the real us.

Does anyone else notice my girl is NOT camera shy?  And she did a great job of “helping”.  Perhaps a tv career in her future??????

Here is that same metallic pumpkin after I got her totally finished with black stripes and polka dots.  This is part of Tuesday’s table scape.

Wish me luck!!!



  • Very inspiring and love that Ava! I just did a blog post about fall decor and added a link to your blog 🙂 Thanks for inspiring!


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