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A Love Note of Encouragement


Dear Mommas of small kiddos:

I just want to just encourage you today. I can remember just a few short years ago when I was feeling like I would NEVER be able to focus totally on my business. I had this amazing business potential, but we had 3 precious small kiddos in 6 years.  And my conviction was that I needed to stay at home with them as much as possible. I wanted to paint and create, but I also wanted to be home. I wanted to focus on my business, but I also wanted to do puzzles with my babies. I wanted to go to painting schools for inspiration, but I also wanted to be doing play-doh with the kids.

It was hard because I was good at my at work and I had women counting on me for their income….. but I wanted to be a full time mommy too.

I felt like other people in my industry were just totally kicking it and I was sending faxes while changing poopy diapers. I was dragging kids to job sites and doing sample boards while the kids napped and setting them in front of “Bob The Builder” so that I could take a call from a client.   It was simultaneously one of the sweetest and one of the hardest times of my life.

While I was so grateful that I was able to be home and I adored our kids with every ounce in me….. I still secretly wondered what my business would be like if I were able to focus on it full time?

I want you young mommas to know that if you are currently home with your babies wondering when will you get your time to shine….. if you will HONOR THE SEASON you are in… God will honor that decision.

The thing you need to keep in mind is that God can do for your business in one day what you could never do on your own in years of time.  He can supernaturally grow your business like you could do on your own. He will make up the time you feel like you are losing.  As surely as I am typing this I can tell you that literally the month our little Ava went to kindergarten is the month my business exploded.

I believe some moms He calls to the work force. Some moms He calls to stay home. And some moms He calls to be a juggler and do both.  So I became a juggling expert.

Wherever you are called to be, I pinkie swear that the season you are in is short. Give your current season all you can. Hang in there. Your dreams are not permanently on hold. You will not be cleaning up spit up and building blocks forever. I promise….. the season to focus on your business is coming!!!!

Honor your season.

Honor where the Lord is currently calling you to be.

Your business will be there later on. The kids will not.

And you will never regret that decision.

I am rooting for you.



  • Kim Aberle says:

    Thank you!! I truly needed to hear this today! My kids are growing so fast I know that I need to enjoy them while I got ’em! You are such a joy!

  • Amen. Thank you for the encouraging word!

  • Kathie Gialde says:

    I so agree with you. I am 60 yrs old and yesterday I had my first daughter. She is 42 now. What happened overnight? People enjoy your babies, they grow up so fast. You can do it. Now while you have the energy. If you dont, they wont be there when you have the time.

  • Regena Minshew says:

    Oh how many mothers of young children need to hear this!! I am 56 and I chose to stay home with my three girls! A decision I will NEVER regret!!!!? you are so right the years you have with them at home are so few. Thank you for your love note.

  • Christina says:

    Thank you Lord, for using Jennifer to speak encouraging words to us. I needed this and I’m saving this to read over and over. Thank you so much.

  • Sarah says:

    Wiping tears as God knew I needed this right now. I’ve been struggling so much with trying to find the balance between business (Blogging) and being home with little ones… I’ve been trying to do it all and I’m realizing that I can’t. Thank you for the gentle reminder of God’s faithfulness if we are faithful to our family. Your words have breathed fresh life into my sails and I’m so grateful for you. I came and found this blog post after your airport video… Thank you so much… ????

  • Erika says:

    Thank you for this encouragement. My business is not bringing any income right now because I have been focused on my one and a half year old boy, who is a very busy little guy. I stress everyday about our bills. My husband is a farmer who works 24/7 and only gets paid once a year from that. I’m trying my best to help, but it has been very stressful. I hope to see the other side of this, but trusting the season. God is good. Thank you.

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