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I showed you this outdated end table in a post a few weeks ago. Lori K, you are such a sweetie for giving it to me!!!!!

This post contains affiliate links for products I love to use and choose to work with. Any purchases help support my blog and furniture makeovers– thank you!


I gave it some “spray paint love” and changed it to this turquoise furniture piece:

Zebra Turquoise Furniture | Magic Brush
But then I gave it some zebra love and now she looks like this:

Zebra Turquoise Furniture | Magic Brush

You can add any kind of animal print or design by decoupaging tissue paper or gift wrap paper using Heirloom Traditions 1Gel. Read more about how I do this decoupage process two other posts: in my dresser drawers here and another side table here.

Zebra Turquoise Furniture | Magic Brush


Zebra Turquoise Furniture | Magic Brush

Oh how I want to keep her!!!!! But I’ve been collecting furniture lately like some people collect cars or kitties or kids…..I gotta sell it.

Turquoise furniture really doesn’t go with the decor in my dining room

Zebra Turquoise Furniture | Magic Brush
But every time I walk past it, it makes me happy.

Zebra Turquoise Furniture | Magic Brush

I hope this zebra turquoise furniture piece sells quick before I change my mind!

If you’re looking to start painting furniture, please look at Heirloom Traditions on Amazon. They sell wonderful chalk-type paints, glazes, staining gels

Happy Painting

Love this turquoise furniture and decoupaged accents? For more DIY finishes and how to paint furniture, join my Paint Finish of the Month Club that teach furniture painting and cabinet finishes. I have a beautiful aruba blue finish with decoupaged drawers I’d love to teach you!


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Zebra Turquoise Furniture Makeover with decoupaged animal print table top | Magic Brush


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