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Yes!!!!! You CAN paint the fabric on an upholstered sofa!!!!

By December 14, 201210 Comments
Yes….we PAINTED this sofa fabric!!!!

….. the famous Christie O. and myself did.  She was the brains behind the operation…..I was just cheap labor. 

Here is the before picture.  Cool lines on this furniture, but yikes on that 70’s color!!!!
Christie found a great website called Hyphen Interiors.  They are like the geniuses in painting fabric.  You can find them here with all of the instructions and a jillion inspirational photos.  Wow!!!!! 


Basically, we mixed fabric medium with latex paint and water. We wet the fabric with a squirt bottle before applying the mix with circular neon leon brushes.

And it was super scary starting out…..

And super messy to get the mix in all of the tufting.  Christie volunteered for the fun job of “working” the paint into the tufts and under all of the creases.

It was slightly terrifying when the very wet fabric began to loosen on the back of the sofa…..but it did tighten back up as it dried.

This process takes 3 coats to cover all the way!

You can tell the difference in this picture on the back of the chair between #2 and the #3 coat. 3 coats just intensifies the color and the evenness.  Definitely do 3 coats!
We recruited our friends Laura and Samantha to help us silver leaf the frame. It’s a super easy…but super messy process that has so much glam appeal!

I did touch ups on the trim…….and our set was done!
 Is that cool or what???

The fabric is a bit stiff, but this was PERFECT for what we needed it for….. 

…..which was the stage set at my church for our most recent women’s event entitled “The REAL HOUSEWIVES of Kansas City”.

Amazing furniture for an amazing group of women!!!

(Before / After)
It’s my understanding that the CeCe Caldwell paint works great on furniture also.   I know they have a video here.  Let me know if you have tried it and your thoughts. 
Or let me know if you wanna hire us girls to do it for you!

PS…. I pinkie sweared to you on Facebook last night that I would blog about this today….promise KEPT!  Hope it was worth the wait!


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