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Yep, I was embellishing recipe stands in the bathroom

By January 19, 20126 Comments
There are NO rooms in my house off limits for my crafting. 

Or to my glue guns.
Or to my bling.

I can flat iron my hair AND glue on a fake belt buckle on at the same time.
It’s scary people.

One of my bffs had a birthday a few weeks ago……so I made her this “recipe stand” for her kitchen. 

She is a cooking goddess… has plenty of recipes to fill up the inside with.
I decided to make my husband a stand also since he is king of the kitchen at our house.
And since we are always digging for our favorite recipes. 

His had to be super masculine tho’ or he would pull his own “man card”.

I think it was super cute.

And to think….all the pretty stuff happened right here…..


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