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Word stenciling on salvaged wood

By September 5, 20125 Comments
More and more people are starting to “get into” salvaged wood (wood from old buildings, barns, houses, etc). There is a huge market for finding the wood, buying the wood, selling the wood and for turning the wood into something beautiful!!!!
So, since I had a few pieces of salvaged wood, I decided to do something with them.
I called my friend Hugh at The Mad Stencilist to order some word stencils.
I think I found The Mad Stencilist when I first started my painting gig 11 years ago and I have used them EVER SINCE!!!!
They charge roughly $7 a foot of wording and it is worth every.single.penny.people. You couldn’t pay me enough to print letters out on paper. Trace them.  Cut them out of mylar. Try to lay the letters out perfectly spaced. Tape them down. Pray they don’t bleed. Etc. Etc.
Who has time for that????
I use a lot of The Mad Stencilist’s word stencils that are a one time use only, “sticky backed” stencil (yes, you can order a traditional mylar stencil).
“Sticky backed” would normally = no bleeding.
And no bleeding = momma is thrilled.
I also love to use  3M’s 77 spray as adhesive to stick the stencil to the board to make the stenciling easier and keep the stencil in place with no bleeding.  You can get that spray at Jo-Ann’s/Home Depot/Lowe’s type stores.
But my wood was not flat. It had knots and nail holes and cracks and other “defects” that make it salvaged.


So I just stuck the stencil down the best I could and I stenciled it LIGHTLY where it didn’t lay down flat.


You can see I didn’t shove the paint down into the wood cracks.  And I think that adds to the charm.


I think my 4-year-old adds to the charm also!

And VIOLA! It is done!!! My hubby added hardware to the back of the wood, so it IS hangable. And this piece is for sale!   I have 2 others I am working on:  “PRAY BIG” and “just breathe….”. Those pics will be coming soon.
So if you are totally in to salvaged wood, check out my friend’s website Tyler Kingston Wood Company.  They are the real deal.  So real,  that Anthropology just started carrying one of their products. For reals…
And check out The Mad Stencilist.  They never disappoint.  Unless you like cutting out fonts on mylar with an exacto knife.  And in that case….we are breaking up.
Kind of.


  • I love the stenciled sign on old wood.
    Good that you found a place to get yours since you don’t like all that task work at the front of the project.
    I’d have to do all the work–If i wanted a sign that pretty–’cause you know, I’m selectively frugal! LOL…

    love the green paint. Always love the green; always love your projects.


  • Tara says:

    So, what would it take to get you to do a custom one of those babies? Salvaged, patina’ed grey-ish wood, sort of a light blue paint, that says Ohana. We’re a military family & we’re moving to Hawaii. Everything I’ve found that says “Ohana” is all Disney-ish from “Lilo & Stitch”. How much would you charge & how much for shipping? I ADORE your stuff. If I could, I’d buy a ton of it!

  • Jesusgirl Cathy says:

    Jennifer, I would be very interested in the just breathe one. Has some very big meaning for me. What would be the price?

    Cathy Huntley

  • Magic Brush says:

    Tara – I can’t reply to your comment….but would love to make one for you. Email me please at [email protected]

    Thanks much!

  • Tara says:

    Thanks Jennifer, just sent you an email!

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