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What is a WallHog and why is it in my boy’s bathroom?

By July 29, 201015 Comments

My boys asked me to please redo their bathroom. “We’re too old for frogs Mom”.

Sigh…..and I guess they are. So out with the frogs and in with the “WallHogs“.

WallHogs“…..that was the company I saw in this blog post that intrigued me! Thanks to one sweet blog follower, I was able get one ordered for myself!

The vinyl pictures comes delivered in a huge box all rolled up. It looked easy enough, but I wish they would let me alter their directions a little.

They need to tell you to put the vinyl on the wall with tape and mark with chalk the corners FIRST.

THEN…..take off the backing.

Measure twice and adhere once cuz‘ if it’s crooked at all, you will stretch the vinyl pulling it back off the wall.

They should also tell you to sand your wall first or run a metal blade over the wall. Otherwise if you have any “peaks” on your paint wall, it will poke at the vinyl and end up looking like a pimple on your son’s face. I’m just sayin‘….

Also, re-reading the directions after it’s already up doesn’t help much.

But help from the love of my life sure does.

My friend Shauna told me statistics show kids who see pictures of themselves in their homes excel more and feel better about themselves than kids who do not..

At this rate, my boys should be running the country or getting Nobel Peace Prizes in a few years.

(Sidenote: I was not compensated in any way for this post.)

Linking to The Inspired Room.


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