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We “blinged out” the vinyl in the exercise room

By March 29, 20115 Comments

The vinyl saying we put up in Shauna’s exercise room from A Great Impression is super cute…. but was just lacking a lil‘ sparkle. And thanks to our friend Melissa, we learned the line at the bottom of the design is for positioning only and supposed to be taken off. Oops……

So after a recent workout, we removed the straight line and went to town gluing rhinestones to the design.

Oh yeah, how can you NOT like the bling??

And Shauna caught me on camera flexing the ole’ calf muscles.

Which made us giggle…..

And then do more flexing in front of the cameras and mirrors….

and then giggle some more.

Who am I kidding????? I am more mush than muscle….but it is good to the fruits of our workouts!!!!!!

Ahem…..back to the vinyl. The rhinestones were just what it needed.

Life’s too short not to flex and add some bling.


  • Shauna says:

    LOL!! Dude your calves look freakin awesome! You failed to mention that you ran the fastest four miles you have ever run yesterday down in that exercise room. If I recall it was 4 miles UNDER 36 minutes. You rocked it out sister…must have been the bling. Bling makes everything better, even makes you run faster:) She believed she could so she DID!! Hey Blog friends…Jen is going to run a 5k under 28 minutes on Saturday. thanks again for my vinyl:)

  • Magic Brush says:

    You are killin’ me! I am hoping to run under 28 minutes!!! YIKES!!!! Thank you so much for pushing me to do things physically that I never would!

  • Pamela says:

    Jennifer it looks awesome and um so do you!! You rock! If only we all could have awesome work out buddies then we all would be skinny! Ha! I am glad you posted abt this saying cause I think abt it all the time now! It truly is an inspiration! I am just 2 lbs away from loosing 30 thus far so I am super excited but won’t be posting on my blog till I can say I have lost my kid!:)

  • D says:

    SOO, very cute!!! Love your work!!

  • Gypsy Heart says:

    LOVE the bling! Makes me happy when I see sparkles ~ 🙂

    You look fantastic!! Good luck with the 5K.


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