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Veryyyyyyyyyyry distressed cabinets

By August 17, 20124 Comments

I wish I could show you all a “BEFORE” shot of these cabinets. They were plain white. The paint was chipping. They were beat up.  They were scratched up. They were far from perfect!

We could have sanded them.  And filled. And sanded. And primed. And painted. And etc.  But this client didn’t want us to go to that extent of a project.

So, we worked with what we had.  We beat them up more.  We roughed up the edges with a metal file. We took out aggression on these cabinets.

And then we glazed and topcoated.

I love the distressed look.  And sometimes if cabinets are already SERIOUSLY in rough shape….I don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water. 

Just go with it.  Distress them some more and roll.

In other news…..The Red Apron where I sell my painted treasures is open today and tomorrow in Liberty, MO. Come see me!


  • Oh I agree! Roll with what you’ve got!!!

    If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em …and beat ’em some more!
    I think these turned out great.

    I just started painting my lower cabinets black (leaving the tops white)…but I am noticing there is no depth or detail to my plain black cabinetry. Maybe a little ‘ninja whompin’ action’ is in order to give them some character and depth!


  • Lisa Mende says:

    These look awesome Jennifer!

  • Wanda@Wandaful Wonders says:

    I love the look! Go with the flow and make it work! Great Job! Wanda

  • The Schmidt Family says:

    What did you seal them with? I used a Polyurethane and they are a little too shiny for my taste.

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