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I am obsessed with the week between Christmas and New Years.  I don’t work that week.  Days run into one another.  I become a complete sloth consuming nothing but movies and junk food and friends and family.  It’s hard to say if my hair even gets washed?  It’s my favorite week ever.

And I always spend time during that week to reflect on my past year, both as a person and a business owner. By nature, I am a total goal setter.  It’s just part of who I am.  I have financial goals, personal goals, health goals, business goals.  I have goals to set goals. Ha!  Goals are totally my jam.

And although goals are really important, I think it’s equally as important to adequately CELEBRATE all we did in the year prior.  So many business owners, creatives especially, barrel forward to the next year with all their new ideas, their new projects, their new adventures without really patting themselves on the back for a job well done in the previous year.

I explain a little deeper in this quick video:

Creative entrepreneurs….. God CREATED you to have tons on ideas. So TONS of ideas are great, unless it overwhelms you from picking ONE idea and going with it. And unless it prevents you from looking at the numbers/ data in your business and setting goals. Check out my TOP TIP for setting goals in 2016 ( it may surprise you) and check into my Inner Circle at

Posted by Jennifer Allwood on Tuesday, January 5, 2016


And in all seriousness, does anyone still use checks????

In my monthly online coaching group for creative entrepreneurs this month we are focusing on goals for next year, but not until the ladies in the group adequately celebrate all they did THIS year!  Running a business is hard. Starting a business is hard. Growing a business is hard.  And by George if you have done ANY of those things, it’s important you occasionally pat yourself on the back and remind yourself of how far you have come!

In addition to celebrating, we are of course goal setting for next year this month in my group.  I have 6 areas of life/business (because they really aren’t separate) that the women I coach will be asked to set goals in.   It helps to brainstorm. It helps to dream. It helps to have people you are accountable to.  

If you want to better your life and your business next year, we would love for you to join us in the Inner Circle. Get on the waitlist so you’re notified when it opens again HERE. This very well could be the EXACT BEST THING you do for your creative business next year.

Blessings for a prosperous and joyous new year,





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