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Every year I make my elementary school teachers a “paint pail”.  We also refer to it in our house as a “brown nosing bucket”.  I’ve made a back-to-school teacher gift every year since my friend Lynne first showed me how 8 years ago.  And all my kids and her kids have passed every year.  Coincidence?  I think not. Lol.

DIY teacher gift

These teacher gifts are super easy to make.

teacher gift

To Make a Teacher Gift You need:

  • an empty paint can (Lowe’s, Home Depot and paint stores sell them, you can also get clear buckets with lids here.)
  • 2 pieces of scrapbook paper for the body of the can
  • 1 piece of coordinating paper for the lid (try to get a paper that has a different scale of pattern than the body paper but the same colors)
  • glue or adhesive
  • embellishments (ribbon, a knob for the top, etc)
    teacher gift paper


First, cut out your 2 pieces of paper and stick them to the can with a glue gun or paper adhesive.  These are tricky to cut out the first time so if you have any plans to do these again another year….. make yourself a paper template so you’ll have it for later.  You’ll thank me for it next year.


teacher gift lid decoration

Drill a hole thru the paint lid for the knob to attach.


teacher gift beach theme

And start decorating your pail.  I did this one in a beach theme.


teacher gift embellishments

I added a burlap knob from Hobby Lobby to the top. I hot glued jute around the bottom of the can and glued some sea shells on it.  And, I made sure to have a little gift tag on it so that the teacher will know EXACTLY who the brown nosing is coming from. =)



teacher gift paint pail

This is the teacher gift that Ava is actually giving her teacher (God bless her) this year.  Ava picked the psychedelic paper herself.  I did my best to make it cute.

teacher gift decorating

We added a gift tag with a little crystal on it.  A cute flower to the middle (hot glued on) and a crystal knob from Hobby Lobby to the top.


teacher gift goodies

Here is a little peek into the top!  It’s full of goodies!



teacher gift fillers

This is what I have shoved in the bucket this year. But I forgot what could very well be the MOST important thing in the bucket…… HERSHEY’S KISSES.  I scatter a ton of them in.


Here is a quick video from my Facebook page if you’d rather watch me talk about making them (or if you just want to see my new StitchFix outfit … I’m obsessed with my skinny jeans from them!)

I’m telling you…..this project means “A’s” for sure my friends.

Get to making your teacher gift.

This project will be on my Pinterest for you to repin soon! xoxo

Much love,



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How to make a DIY Teacher Gift using a paint can





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