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Teacher Pails – A.K.A. “Brown nosing buckets”

By August 16, 201028 Comments

Repost from last summer because I forgot to take pictures of this year’s buckets!!!

They are supposed to be called “Teacher Pails”…….. but I call them what they are… “Brown Nosing Buckets”! HA!

One of my favorite “client turned friend” has a scrapbooking party every summer so we can make our children’s new teachers back-to-school pails. Lynne is a teacher herself…. so she knows what teachers like!

You will need an empty paint can. (You can buy a clear bucket with lid here.)  Oddly enough, the scrapbook store sells them for $5.99. The paint store sells them for $1.99. Wow! If you make more than 1… that is substantial!

You need at least 3 different pieces of scrapbook paper. It will take 2 pieces to cover the body and another for the lid. Cut each piece to fit. Cutting around the handle part is tricky. If you get it… then make a template to make it easier in the future.

Because you are taping the paper to a round, metal surface, the edges always want to roll back on me…. so I hot glue those bad boys down. Then it will stay!

Bling the bucket out with beads, buttons, yarn, embellishments, a gift tag, etc. I purchased a broken knob from Hobby Lobby to hot glue to the top of this pail. (one of the girls at the last party suggested it! Way cute idea!)

And I fill mine with:

  • nail files
  • gum
  • hand lotion
  • sanitizer
  • pretty pens
  • notecards
  • quarters for the pop machine
  • AirBornne
  • etc.

We take them to school on the first day. All my kids have passed every grade so far! Haha!!



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