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St Louis, the Duggers and Fun Dip….oh my.

By March 30, 20124 Comments

Blogging to you tonight before we take the AMTRAK in the morning to this fun city:

We are traveling with 5 other families who we love, love, love in celebration of my husband’s 40th birthday! 

Between us families, we have 15 kids.

Unless you count my Ava as 2….which really would make sense…..

You could probably count her as 3 kids on a day when I let her eat a Fun Dip.

Then we are nearing Dugger numbers….

Which makes me ask….how do they travel anywhere????
I’m not judging, I’m just merely saying…..that’s a whole lots of snacks and underroos and blankets and walking shoes.

For an Amtrak, a train or an RV.


So I will be back blogging next week about something fabulous no doubt.

Until then,

I’m feeling blessed that I ran over this today in my garage and not a small child:

Double counting my blessings that it did NOT explode all over my SUV like it could have.

Hubby would NOT have been happy.

I am kind of secretly impressed by my running-over-the-can-halfway-then-reversing-off-it skills.

There should be medals for stuff like that.

Later friends.

STL….here we come!


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