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Jennifer Allwood | 30 Days of Prayer

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So many of you creative entrepreneurs are frustrated with social media. You don’t know what to post, when to post or why your posts aren’t being seen. You’re not sure if you should pay to boost things or give up on Twitter or even try to add Instagram into the mix????  Plus you feel like you just figure out one social media and then ANOTHER pops up. Am I right??

I get it. Social media can be overwhelming and all-consuming unless you have some direction.

Social Media Overwhelming | Magic Brush

I have tons of tips and tricks that have grown my social media following to well over 250K people.  I am teaching those tips in my online coaching group this month.  I just recorded my first training video for the group and here are just a few things you will learn from it:

  • why you need to quit obsessing about your following numbers (and instead what you SHOULD focus on)
  • how I filter every one of my FB posts thru 4 of my personal motives
  • how to get over your fear of video / FB live (and why you need to!!!!)
  • how to handle social media negativity
  • how to make your followers WANT to comment on your posts
  • how to stop hiding behind “being shy”.  Social media is your jam if you’re an introvert (FOR REAL!)
  • why you have to be so careful with “rate this room” type of FB posts
  • my best tips for Instagram in the DIY industry
  • how to “package a FB post” so people will visit your blog
  • why Twitter is great for DIY people / HGTV fans
  • the biggest tip you need to know about the Pinterest algorithm change
  • which social medias I suggest you schedule and which I don’t
  • plus soooooooooooooooooo much more

If you are in any sort of a DIY/ painter/booth owner / creative entrepreneur industry…… you MUST do some things different than all other biz owners on social media BECAUSE OUR INDUSTRY IS TOTALLY VISUAL. I will teach you how!

My inner circle this month IS jam-packed with information but also super fun. Social media SHOULD BE FUN and doesn’t have to be so overwhelming and so confusing. Like I tell the women I coach, this is a marathon…. not a sprint.  I can help you cut thru the confusion and get some clarity so you can grow your following quicker and get more clear on what your audience wants from you.

Sign up today is HERE so that you won’t miss a thing on social media and growing your business. Upon sign up you will immediately be added to a private Facebook group with me. Can’t wait to meet you there!






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  • Alicia Jones says:

    I just signed up for the inner circle and I think i misspelled my email address. eeek. I got too excited lol. How do I fix this? Also, how do I access the information?

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