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Recipe boxes – I am good for something in the kitchen

By June 4, 20125 Comments

I sold this embellished recipe box at The Red Apron last month.

And now I am on the hunt for about 1,397 of these bad boys:


They sure are ugly, aren’t they???

I have probably seen about 1,398 of them at garage sales over the years, but it never occurred to me to “pretty them up” until my friend Lynne asked me to paint her grandmother’s recipe box for her daughter a few years ago (see that old post here).

It turned out super cute as well:

011011 035

011011 054

They are so easy to make!

I started out by spray painting both boxes…

And then hot gluing on ribbon and rhinestones and whatever other junk I can find.


I rummaged thru my scrapbooking supplies until I found a buckle for interest….

And called it done.

I think I am fascinated with making “recipe things” because I can’t cook.

Seriously…..this is the only thing I am good for in the kitchen.

Coming soon:  posts on “why I haven’t posted lately about running”, our adoption update (please pray) and “so you think you want to own your own business?”.

Talk about being all over the board….


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  • Radiant says:

    I love them!!! Great work…as always!!!

  • Gypsy Heart says:

    I wish you could find more…I’d love to have one! Believe it or not, my mother had one and I did too. I’m sure they were tossed over the years. These are totally adorable!

    Best wishes for the adoption…and all good things for you and your family.


  • Unknown says:

    two families with ties to people in our church have had young daughters get pregnant recently… i always think of your family. both have decided to keep the child. i think it was more the parents decision than the daughters ~ the parents could not bear the thought of giving up their first grandchild, even under the circumstances. our family just walked in the fundraiser for our local crisis pregnancy center so abortions and young girls in that situation have been on my heart lately. you always think about the girl and the dreams she once had and possibly giving those up in order to raise a child when she is really still a child herself. i can’t imagine the pain of the potential grandparents watching their teens wrestle with that decision ~ it really is a grieving process for all involved. God is moving even when you are unaware.

    all that said, it seems like your upcoming posts will be some interesting reads.

  • sandi says:

    oops, i was signed into the wrong account and did not pay attention… that comment above was from me.

  • Terri says:

    That is really cute, what kind/color of paing did you use? It was great meeting you at Haven!

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