I have worked in the faux finishing /decorative painting field for over 13 years. In this time, we have worked in hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of homes.  Many are average sized, middle-class homes and they are a huge part of our client base.

Then I have a whole section of clients who live in big, beautiful estate homes. Retired NFL players, inventors, CEO’s, business owners, surgeons, ……  they live in houses that most of us will never live in.  And I get asked questions regularly like ….. “doesn’t it make you sick working in houses like that?”

Or, “how can you work in houses like that and not be jealous?”

Or, “is it hard to go home to your own house after working in those big houses all day?”

The honest truth is that I rarely get jealous in those homes.  Do I wish I had granite in my own house?  Well absolutely and I will one day.

Do I long for a huge walk in closet with double chandeliers and cheetah carpet and floor length mirrors?  I sure do and I plan to have one someday soon.

But the truth is, I don’t feel hugely jealous…… I feel hugely grateful.

People like “them” employ people like “me”.

People with cash flow are what makes my business go around.  I am so grateful that there are wealthy people in this world who pay my bills and keep me working!!!!

And so, over the course of my career and just aging in general, I have learned alot about people.  And here are some of the things that I have observed and pondered and learned from my wealthiest clients:

1) Some of them have been the most generous people in my world.  I have been given a crushed velvet chair.  A fur rug.  A water fountain for the front of my home.  I have even been tipped for my work.  And one of those tips was almost $1000.  That’s right….almost $1000.  I have been prayed over by several of my clients on more than once occasion and that is worth more than any material item ever could be!!  I have seen generosity and appreciation and humbleness demonstrated over and over again. And for that…I am so grateful!  I once had an incredibly wealthy inventor offer to carry my painting supplies into his house for me.  Can you imagine???  I was floored by his humbleness and willingness to generously offer his manual labor.

2) I have also came to the realization that “they” really are just people.  They really put their pants on the same way I do and they just want an honest job done for an honest cost.  Because they live in a world where people try to take advantage of them because of their finances, I have found they are just so grateful when I don’t try to screw them over.

3) And a final thing I have learned from my most affluent clients is that they do not apologize for their wealth.  In the past, I have often found myself justifying my own purchases by saying things like “well, it was on clearance” or “I saved for months to buy that”.  One thing I have learned from watching some of my clients is that they do not justify how they spend their money.  They don’t apologize for it and I am so grateful for that lesson. So,I am learning to watch my own words and change my own mindset!!!  Let others think what they want to …..I don’t need to explain what we do with our own funds!

And so because I have witnessed such humbleness and generosity from my clients as a whole,  it saddens me when I see people jaded by the wealthy people in our country.  Seriously, we need to quit being mad at “rich people”.  I witness so many people rolling their eyes at “them” and assuming they know how they are or how they got there.  And assuming blesses no one.

We don’t know and it’s a poverty mentality that will not bless your own finances.

 I’ve also learned that if you want something someone else has (ie: their bank account balance or their granite, their walk in pantries) …. then learn from them, study them and try to do what they do. I am not encouraging coveting….I am encouraging being teachable.

Of course there are exceptions to everything.  And of course there are clients I have had who don’t fit into these “categories” that I just listed for them.  And of course, there are way more important things in life than material possessions and bank accounts.  So hear my heart….  I am exhorting you to bless your own home and your own finances by carrying the right attitude.  

It brings honor to a society that desperately needs it.

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Poverty and disgrace come to him who ignores instruction, but whoever heeds reproof is honored.Proverbs 13:18 


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