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Episode 156: 4 Ways to Protect Your Business in the Online Space

There are so many unknowns as an entrepreneur—truly things we have no control over. I want to talk today about really focusing on the things we DO have control over in an effort to protect our busin

Monday Fire 37: Don’t Let People Use Your Faith as a Weapon Against You

I have seen something several times lately that I am not okay with. It is people using someone’s faith as a way to guilt or shame them into doing something. This form of manipulation should not

Equipped Special Series: Meet Your Speakers—Lisa Whittle

Another Friday, another Equipped Speaker intro. Lisa is a new friend that I absolutely cannot wait to meet in real life! On this special Friday episode, we talk all about a big theme in Lisa’s l

Episode 155: 3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Writing a Book

You know how sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know?!? Well, there were certainly quite a few things I didn’t know when writing my book, Fear Is Not the Boss of You. And

Monday Fire 36: Don’t Use Your Faith as an Excuse to Not Have Boundaries

In the last few weeks, I have come across several women who are using their faith as an excuse to not grow their businesses and not have boundaries in their businesses. I am all for giving things away

Equipped Special Series: Meet Your Emcee—Kelsey Humphreys

For the next few Fridays, I will be introducing some new friends—the emcee and speakers for my Equipped Conference! We are starting off with the emcee, Kelsey. Not only does she have some of the bes

Episode 154: Best Social Media Content for 2020

Content is king when it comes to reach and engagement on social media. I want to give you 3 great content ideas that are by far the best for 2020! I am actually not only giving the content ideas, but

Monday Fire 35: Vault of Courage

Have you ever noticed that the enemy is just waiting for you to gain momentum and get the courage to do something you know God wants you to do, only so he can put a stop to it? He will steal, kill, an

Episode 153: Using Multiple Revenue Streams to Grow your Business with Stacey Collins

I absolutely love any time I get to interview my students and coaching clients who are killing it in the online space. I feel like such a proud mama. Stacey’s interview definitely did not disapp

Monday Fire 34: Money Mindset Series: Are you Scared to Sell?

If you think you are ready for what is next in your business, here is a big hurdle you need to overcome—you cannot be scared to sell! Unfortunately, some of us (mostly women) attach our personal wor

Episode 152: What is Affiliate Marketing and Why You Need it in Your Business

I love to talk about revenue streams all day long! Today I want to talk about one of the easiest passive income streams you can add to your business right away—affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketi

Special Series: Revenue Rundown

Video 1  Video 2 Video 3 Video 4 Right now my free video series is being released and I wanted you to be able to listen right here on the podcast! I am sharing all about 7 ways you can make money i

Monday Fire 33: Money Mindset Series: God is a God of Order

My pastor is a great man and he always says that God is a God of order and that order affects outcome. We have been focusing these Monday in January on money mindset and specifically on Proverbs 13:22

Episode 151: Family, Life, Health, and Business with Chalene Johnson

Interviewing Chalene Johnson is a dream come true. She has so much wisdom to share. She is real and relatable and an open book when talking about her journey in business and in health. She is a resear

Monday Fire 32: Money Mindset Series: Change Your Poverty Language

One goal with this Money Mindset series is to help you position yourself in a way where you are ready to receive money and steward it well. In more than one place, the Bible says, “Out of the de

Episode 150: Networking in the Online Space

Networking online is all about building relationships and connecting with others. There is so much value in having other business owners in your online circle of friends. Not only does it give you a s

Monday Fire 31: Money Mindset Series: Refuse a Poverty Mindset

Proverbs 13:22 The wealth of the wicked is stored up for the just. Friends, this scripture had been on my heart lately. There is plenty of money to go around and it is being stored up somewhere. I wan

Episode 149: Time Hacks to Start 2020 Off Right

 Time is a key commodity to us all! As moms and wives and friends and entrepreneurs, time management is a constant struggle. While I can’t make more minutes in the day, I can give you some ha

Episode 148: Prayer Time Highlights: Perspective, Resistance, Moving On, & Margin

I have been praying over on my Facebook page every morning lately and God has given me a lot to share during these times. For those of you who have missed some of the messages or even for those who ha

Episode 147: Million Dollar Business with Kelly Roach

I have someone I want to introduce to you this week. I heard her name several times recently and then we met in real life and I knew I wanted to have her on the show! Kelly Roach is doing business rig

Episode 146: Black Friday Recap: What Can We Learn?

Is Black Friday becoming a non-event? What do the major retailers and analysts say? Well, malls were dead and foot traffic was down, but overall sales were up! Shopping habits are changing and we as s

Episode 145: Why You Can’t Stay Stuck

There are 3 main reasons people get stuck in their lives and I have to tell you none of them are worth it. Today I want to talk more about being stuck, why it is happening, and what to do to break fre

Episode 144: Why Instagram Is Removing Likes and What It Means for You

So Instagram announced that they were taking away the likes…Now what? Well friends, for the most part, I could care less. Let’s talk today about why Instagram is saying they are removing t

Episode 143: Being Obedient and Creating Space in Your Business

I recently closed down one of the revenue streams in my business that was making six figures! You may be thinking I am crazy, but what I know to be true is that when God tells me to do something, I ne

Episode 142: Keys to Finding Motivation

The is one of those times when I am going to hug with my words and also kick you in the butt a little too. I have women tell me all the time that they just need someone to push them. You should not ne

Episode 141: The Value of Being and Having a Business Mentor

I love the concept of leaving the ladder down—meaning leave a path for those behind you to follow in your success. As women, I think it is so important that we cheer each other on, help each other a

Episode 140: Keep It Simple

With so much information out there in the world, we have to keep things simple in our business. Our minds are chaotic. Our lives are crazy busy. The same is true for our customers. There are 5 things

Episode 139: Fear Doesn’t Release You From Your Calling

Fear is a feeling given to us by God to help keep us safe in certain situations. Fear is NOT an excuse to not do the thing that we know darn good and well we should be doing. Do a Facebook live, sign

Episode 138: The Truth Behind the Numbers

There are so many numbers being shared all over the internet by entrepreneurs. Today I want to talk about the truth behind a lot of the numbers you hear and what numbers really matter. People talk abo

Episode 137: Bonus Kids with Rebekah Lyons and Edie Wadsworth

Fostering, adopting, or taking in a kid in need is hard and rewarding and a blessing and sanctifying and so much more. It brings so many emotions and situations that you have to learn to navigate. Reb

Episode 136: Talking with Mr. Magic About One Year with Ari

Sweet Ari has been with us for one year! What started out as a sleepover has turned into a life-changing event for our whole family. On this week’s podcast, Mr. Magic and I sat down to share how

Episode 135: Vulnerability on Social Media

Social media has made growing a business online easier than ever before. But if you want social media to serve you well, you have to have a certain level of vulnerability in your posts and on your fee

Episode 134: How to Go from Writer to Author with Brian Dixon

Have you ever thought about being an author? Have you ever wondered what it takes or what process to follow? Today, I am talking with my friend, Brian Dixon, about the 6 steps to take to go from being

Episode 133: Do Not Give Up, Keep Going

Have you ever wanted to get to a certain goal, but it just takes so long that you are ready to give up? And meanwhile, it seems like all those around you are just flying achieving goals left and right

Episode 132: New Business? No Problem! with Cara Massie

I love talking with business owners who are rocking it and can encourage others with their progress. This week my conversation with Cara Massie does just that. Cara has been in business for no quite a

Episode 131: How to Pick a Business Coach

I have talked before about why every business owner needs a business a coach, but on this episode, I am specifically talking about how to pick a coach. There are some key factors like looking at where

Episode 130: Behind the Scenes of Team Allwood with Jenna Kenyon

This week I am continuing my Behind the Scenes at Team Allwood series by talking with my Executive Project Manager, Jenna Kenyon. This is, of course, a great talk for anyone looking to hire a project

Episode 129: Case Study: How to Wholesale with Stacey Haynes

We can learn so much by studying other businesses. This week we are talking to Stacey Haynes of Anchored Soul Designs. She has grown her business from just making signs for her and friends to now havi

Episode 128: The Importance of Good Marketing

It does not matter if you have the very best product or service. What matters is that you have the best marketing for your product or service! Good marketing is all about perception and your belief th

Episode 127: Q&A with Jennifer: Solving Your Business Stumbling Blocks

You have heard me say it before and you will probably hear me say it many more times—I love answering your questions! There is something about answering on the fly that is so fun and exciting. I als

Episode 126: How Growing Your Following Will Grow Your Business

When you grow your audience with people from your target market who are excited about you and what you offer, you open new doors for your business that your personality and product would not be able t

Episode 125: 5 Ways DMs are a Powerful Tool to Grow Your Business

Direct messages on Instagram and Messenger on Facebook are great features that you can use to connect with your audience on a more personal level, get on the radar of brands and influencers, and so mu

Episode 124: How to Crush Big Business Goals with Evereve Co-Founder Megan Tamte

This week I am talking to Megan Tamte, co-founder of Evereve! Her story of going from teacher to CEO is truly fascinating. Making her dream turn into reality took lots of time and even more planning a

Episode 123: Why Perfectionism May Be Killing Your Business

So many business owners are not progressing because instead of acting and implementing they are waiting for things to be perfect. Perfectionism is a great way to limit your future and potential and, e

Episode 122: The Connection Between Exercise and Business

As I look at my exercise journey over the last 20 years, I have found some really big connections to my business progress. I can see how when I am disciplined in areas of my life like exercise, I am m

Episode 121: Q&A with Jennifer: LinkedIn, Email Open Rates, & More!!!

One of my goals as a human is to help women move forward in life and grow their businesses. One thing I know to be true is that so often there is just one piece of the puzzle holding us back from the

Episode 120: Update: My Thoughts on Free Facebook Groups

Last year I gave you 8 reasons why I really don’t like free Facebook groups. BUT a few months ago, I listened to the advice of others and gave one a try when we I launched my Creators’ Roadmap cou

Episode 119: How to Make Money on YouTube with Sean Cannell

Sean Cannell is a YouTube expert, and this week he is giving us all the inside information on how to make money on YouTube. Everything from the requirements to start running ads, to the priority of th

Episode 118: What To Do When a Business Idea Fails

Business failure is not always a fun topic, but there is sooooo much to learn when we have a business idea that doesn’t work out. I have been there and I know that God uses failures to teach us,

Episode 117: 5 Things to Know Before You Host Your First Conference

If you are thinking about hosting a conference or any kind of live event or even if this is a far-in-the-future goal, settle in and get ready to take some notes! In the time since I hosted my first co

Episode 116: Working with Your Spouse: One Year in with Jason Allwood

Mr. Magic and I have been working at home together for a little over a year so we decided now would be a great time to give you guys an update on how it’s going. Working with your spouse can be

Episode 115: How to Get the Best Sleep and Why It’s So Important with Samantha Day

Getting good, restful sleep is not only super important for the happiness in our home, but also for the success in our business. Samantha Day is a sleep expert and she is sharing with us all the thing

Episode 114: Meet my Team: Behind the Scenes of the Roles at Team Allwood

Show Notes Listen to Hiring and Delegating to Grow your Business | Episode 78 Get on the waitlist for my Creators’ Inner Circle here Email us at [email protected]

Episode 113: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself if Sales are Slow

Show Notes If you are wanting to go from lobbyist to business owner, my free Hobbyist to Entrepreneur Starter Pack HERE. Listen to How to Stand out in a Saturated Market | Episode 102 Listen to Making

Episode 112: My Honest Issue with “Charging What You’re Worth”

  Friends, I need to publicly apologize BIG TIME! Over the years I have encouraged my creative entrepreneurs to “charge what they are worth” and I just didn’t know what I was re

Episode 111: Why Being the Jack of All Trades Limits Your Creative Business & Income

As a creative you’re not supposed to do the same thing over and over. You need the freedom to change your mind and try new things. HOWEVER, in the early stages of your creative business, this ca

Episode 110: Change your Focus, Change your Life

  I want you to think about the thing that you’re worried about in your life and business right now. That thing that keeps you up at night. That thing you are focusing on … that is wh

Episode 109: Why the “Work Hard” Mantra is a Lie

I keep seeing all of these memes and quotes on social media encouraging and ordering business owners to just “Hustle” or “Work Hard” and ONLY THEN they will achieve all of thei

Episode 108: When Social Media Platforms Go Sideways

So last week Facebook and Instagram went down and got super glitchy for its users. It freaked out so many of my fellow business owners and fans who are reliable on the FB/IG world to communicate with

Episode 107: When You Feel Like You Don’t Fit In

In the card catalog of people and personalities, we all want to know where we fit in, what group we belong in and how we can label ourselves. I have struggled with this awareness that I never “f

106: How To Be Organized as a Creative with Laurie Palau

Why is it sometimes so hard for creatives to be organized? What makes sense for us, can be totally chaotic and #HOTMESS status to others. In light of last week’s episode about the Enneagram Test

105: The Enneagram Test and Your Number Explained with Chris Heuertz

  “What’s your Number?” The Enneagram is such a trending topic, and I have to admit a year ago I had no idea what it even was! So I brought Enneagram expert Chris Heuertz on bo

104: 3 Ways to Make More Money While Working Less

For those of you who are business owners who are feeling stuck, who don’t have any more hours in the day to work or give more of yourself… for those of you who are feeling like a hamster i

Episode103 Jennifer Allwood Podcast Overcoming Overwhelm

103: Overcoming Overwhelm

If you want to do things differently in 2019 but you don’t know where to find the time, I can help! After running my own business for 17+ years, I know some shortcuts, the most helpful apps and

102: How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market

Do you find yourself feeling stagnant or holding off making big moves because you think the online market is saturated with too many business owners like you ALL doing the same things? Are you unsure?

101: How My Business Makes Money

How did a girl who JUST had a painting company in Kansas City … who worked only TWO days out of the week and stayed home to raise her children build a 7-figure business in just a few years? Well

100: 2018: The Year Everything Changed for Us with Jason Allwood

  Can you believe, this is our 100th Episode!!! We are doing something really fun to celebrate. So my most favorite person in the world, my husband Jason (aka Mr. Magic) is back!  As everyone is

099: What does OBEDIENCE have to do with your business?

Obedience. I know you’re thinking that this is a word for dogs and children … but hear me out! Obedience is for business owners too!! In fact, it may be an area you don’t even realiz

098: The Reason Your Life or Business is Not Changing

Today we’re talking about one of the BIGGEST reasons you may not be seeing change in your life and your business. Sponsor Tickets are officially on sale for Equipped Conference: Arming Women to

097: Creating a Digital Course with Amy Porterfield

I am talking to the wicked smart, super strategic Amy Porterfield who is the online marketing expert and host of athe wildly popular Online Marketing Made Easy podcast. I am thrilled to get to pick he

096: A Message of Hope & Healing with Tiffini Kilgore

She started out as a wreath maker and sign creator, and grew her creative business to crazy success! Now Tiffini Kilgore of House of Belonging is releasing her first autobiographical book AND a  line

095: Why We Sometimes Feel Discouraged … and How to Get Past It

Discouragement can lead to being offended, skeptical and jaded in your mind. It’s a total snowball effect that makes that seed of discouragement even worse. Sometimes, it’s the most ridic

094: The Biggest Lie We Tell Ourselves

So many of us use the excuse “I’m not ready.” Whether it’s losing weight, starting a business, adopting, or making a change in life, using the words “I’m not ready&

Episode 93 Jennifer Allwood Podcast The Power of your Words

093: The Power of Your Words

Your words can make or break your life and your business. So often business owners (and my very own coaching clients come) to me grumbling, complaining and whining about their situations or business&#

092: What to do When you Need to Make a Decision in your Biz

“Lord what do you want me to do???” When I’m in a situation where I need to hear from Heaven to make a decision, I have learned that I need to use this strategy every time to truly h

091: How to make a Setback Work for your Biz with Tracey Bellion

I truly believe that God can use a creative biz owner’s craft as her catalyst. He did it in my own business coaching and He recently did this for my friend and fellow creative business owner Tra

090: We All Start Small

Starting at the absolute beginning can be so discouraging to a new business owner. Especially when it appears like all the other businesses online already have huge social media followings of thousand

089: The Secrets to Being Successful at Shows and Vendor Booths with Nell Stortz

For any of you who are thinking about selling your goods in a craft show, flea market or vendor booth mall, I have a creative biz owner who is willing to tell us ALLLL the secrets to putting on a good

088: How to FAIL PROOF your Business

I was shocked when I read that 8 out of 10 new businesses FAIL. The reality is many people have grand illusions about running their own business that just ARE NOT TRUE. Let’s talk about my creat

Episode 87 Jennifer Allwood Podcast The Importances of Finding your Tribe

087: The Importance of Finding your Tribe

Three business owners from different parts of the country and working in three very different industries share their stories on how being a part of a like-minded community has helped them professional

086: Ladies, may you hold the keys

Ladies, you may very well be holding the keys to your family’s future and financial freedom. God may be looking at YOU to use your wisdom to move forward, instead of you depending on others to g

085: Ways You May be Self-Sabotaging your Own Biz

There have been different times and phases in my business where I was self-sabotaging without really knowing that I was doing it.  Let’s talk about the ways you may be self-sabotaging and how t

084: Why Working “Hard” is Overrated

I despise all of those memes that encourage biz owners to work hard and hustle until they drop. I know, it’s so easy for us creative entrepreneurs to become workaholics because we LOVE what we d

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083: The #1 Thing You Can Do to Boost Your Online Sales

Every day I coach creative business owners and I know their #1 challenge is that they just need more sales. It’s simple. No matter the size of their social media following or email list. They wa

082: Why Every Business Owner Needs a Business Coach

My business totally took off once I hired my first business coach. I am living proof that biz coaches can make all the difference in your success. And working with coaches  has completely changed the

Episode 81 Jennifer Allwood Show

081: How to Fight Discouragement

Discouragement happens to us all in life and business. It comes in seasons and leaves us feeling alone and full of doubt. Maybe you’ve asked yourself these questions … Is it always going t

080: Bringing my Spouse Home from Corporate America

Three months ago, my husband resigned from Corporate America to work with me at home after my creative online business exploded. It is really quite unconventional and we’re getting so many quest

079: Making a Pivot in your Business

  Pivoting in business means making a change in direction and focus, abandoning a previous business effort in order to make a concerted effort toward a new goal. I’ve had several times in m

078: Hiring and Delegating to Grow your Business

  Seriously. Quit doing all of the things in your business. I want to help you realize when it’s time to outsource/hire/delegate in your business. This is gold information because it’

077: Using Instagram Stories for Business

   I want to convince all of my creative business owners to be using Instagram Stories for their business. It’s a free social media tool and I am completely obsessed with it!!! Let’s

Episode 76 Jennifer Allwood Podcast Protecting your Creative Business with Angie Avard Turner ver 1

076: Protecting your Creative Business with Angie Avard Turner, Esq.

Thinking about the legal side of a business isn’t exactly fun for most of us creative business owners. But’s one of those things that is so extremely important and way easier if you set yo

Episode 075 Jennifer Allwood Podcast 7 Practical tips to free up y

075: 7 Practical Tips to Free up Time and Finally Get Work Done in your Biz

This is a re-run of one of my popular, most-useful podcasts for creative business owners: how to free up your time in your business and your life. I have always gotten an “A” in time manag

074: How to Deal with Trash Talkers, Naysayers and Others who are are Stealing your Joy

I love the Joyce Meyer’s saying, “New level, new devil.” As your business grows and you put yourself out there, you are going to notice more negativity on your social platforms and e

Menopause + Facebook

073: Menopause and Business

No matter what age and how you’re feeling, you can still rock your business. It’s all about your attitude and mindset. In this episode, I want to be totally candid about how early menopaus

072: When Business Feels Lonely

It’s not unusual for business owners to feel lonely in their business journey. I get it. I’ve been there. In the last 17 years of running my decorative painting business in Kansas City and

071: Why I Don’t Like Free Facebook Groups

Many creative business owners think they are beating the Facebook algorithm by offering a free facebook group as part of their sales funnel. Well, I don’t like free Facebook groups. I know this

070: How to Work from Home When you Have Kids Home for the Summer

Many work at home moms feel like they have to throttle back during the summer break when their kids are home from school. I want to encourage you NOT TO go dormant on your creative business and lose a

069: Mastering your Mindset and Mastering your Business with James Wedmore

Business consultant and video expert James Wedmore shares his knowledge on how to utilize the right entrepreneurial thinking to make profits in your business. James has tons of great advice and shares

068: How to Get your Husband to be More Supportive of your Business

It’s about to get real with this topic. I’m sharing seven reasons why your husband may not be totally supportive of your business. I also want to share practical ways to get him back on yo

067: So you want to open your own store/boutique/shop

Many creatives dream of owning their own boutique, store or shop to sell their goods. I’ve never owned a store, so I’m chatting with three women who share their pros and cons of their reta