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We are still working hard at transforming our home from an old-world, gold vibe to a more farmhouse glam, gray palette.

And changing color palettes and styles means EVERYTHING has to be changed. E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.  Take my advice if you are thinking of changing color palettes. Just move. Move my friends. Save your souls and just start over. Lol.

old world breakfast room

This was our breakfast area a little over a year ago.  The walls were heavily textured in a faux finish and it was just so.much.brown.  Yes, it looks pretty here but that is because a PROFESSIONAL took the shot. In real life it felt HEAVY!



breakfast room

And here we are today.  Trust me when I say this room feels 20 pounds lighter than it used to.

We have painted the walls in Sherwin Williams Ellie Gray. I painted the curtain rods and got fun and funky new curtains HERE.  We switched out the light fixture and have just changed out the rug.

The rug was challenging because our breakfast room is very square. And dark. So I wanted something with color.



breakfast room pink rug

And I bombed on my first rug attempt. I know this pic is fuzzy but it was too funny NOT to share. This is our oldest son Noah and the look of disgust when he saw a fuchsia rug in the house.

None of the men in our house liked the hot pink rug.  Not to mention it was completely the wrong size. I take full responsibility for a poor rug decision the first time around. Lol. I am chalking it up to another “well that didn’t work but I learned fuchsia doesn’t work in my breakfast room” moment in my decorating portfolio.

So we promptly returned that rug!


overstock rug closeup

We ended up going with this square 7 x 7 Safavieh Handmade Dip Dye Grey/Ivory Wool Rug  from Overstock. The arabesque pattern is perfect since I LOVE that pattern (our new kitche tile has it on THIS post) and because the rug color fades in and out (hence the name “dip dye”) therefore it hides a lot. Or is it only my kids who are still messy eaters????



overstock rug

So we are making PROGRESS.  This rug’s color and shape works perfectly for the direction we are headed!  And I was honored to partner with Overstock on our rug selection.

Next up in our breakfast room……. smashing that 12 year old tall bar table with a sledgehammer.

Oh wait, that sounds violent doesn’t it?

Next up…. replacing our tall bar table with a round 54″ cream and walnut table.

Then replacing the hard wood floors.

And then painting the trim.

See you then!




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