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Oh the things that a Dyson can do

By June 5, 2009No Comments

Oh the many things that my Dyson can do.

I have the Animal #17….

Do you have one too????

It can suck up the dirt,
The food and the such…

But sucking up other things?

I hadn’t thought about it much…

But last week proved to teach me some things
About the power of my Dyson and what that could bring.

Did you see Karate Kid and the scene with a fly?

Did you know my Dyson can make a live fly go….. bye-bye???

I also discovered one more little tip….

If you vacuum too close to your phone charger you may feel a snip….

The suck on my Dyson blasted it in half.

How amazing! Do I curse or do I laugh?

Oh the things that my Dyson can do.

Live flies…. phone chargers…… Who Knew?

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