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My son is home from camp and all is right in the world

By June 27, 201018 Comments

Warning: This post may show more of me than you or I are comfortable with you seeing… but it IS funny.

So I am looking through the pictures we took as Noah got home from church camp a week ago. I see this awesome picture of Noah and his Daddy embracing as he got off of the bus. I love the picture and it makes me so grateful that all of our family is home and all is right in the world.

A picture is worth a 1000 words… isn’t it?

Then, feeling all nostalgic and sentimental…… I see the picture my husband took of me embracing our son.

Or shall we say “suffocating our son”.
Or “choking the poor boy out”.
Or having his poor head stuck in a vice grip between my chin and a cantaloupe.

Good grief…is he at a bad height or what???? I doubt that one will make it in the scrapbook.

Is it just me or do you other mom’s struggle too with getting good pictures of you and your kids????



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