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A few weeks ago I got a phone call from Michelle….one of the hosts on the morning show Kansas City Live. She asked if I would be interested in coming on the show to paint something? Ummmmmmmmm…….YES!!!!!!  I was stoked!!!!

One of the hardest things for me to do was decide on what to wear!  Ug!!!!!  I was going for a “put- together-painter” look (as opposed to my usual covered-in-paint, hair-in-a-pony look) .  Not sure I achieved it,  but I did get an awesome deal on new tshirts from Big Frog Tshirts in KC!!!

(my 4 year old took this picture for me!  LOL!)

We pre-taped a portion of the program with the KCLive crew filming Michelle (who works for me) glazing some bathroom walls.  She was a rock star….she totally kept her cool with a camera this close to her working! Great job Michelle!

They also taped myself and the host Michelle talking in a client’s home. It was fun because I knew if I stuttered over my words or drooled or forgot my name….they would just do a retake and edit it out. So, I totally loved this part.   And Michelle is one of the cutest, perkiest, down to earth women I’ve ever met.  She made the process very enjoyable!

This is the pretaped portion they aired. Be nice to me people. This is my debut….

Then 2 days later it was off to the live filming!

I took several of my chalkboards as props and showed the audience how to paint a chalkboard of their own.
Here is a link to my tv segment:
I didn’t even drool or forget my name….yeah!!!!  And, I was actually shocked at how much I enjoyed myself! I didn’t really feel nervous or anxious! I just had a great time.
Then I got to relax and watch the rest of the show from backstage.  Super fun!

When I got out to my truck after the taping…..look what I found in the console of my truck. From my hubby…..roses, a card and a bag of donuts that I love! LOL!!!!!  I am one BLESSED woman.

The day couldn’t have gone better.

And guess what???  ….I’m going back on Kansas City Live again next week!!!!! Tuesday, Oct. 2 at 10:00 a.m.  This time…we are painting pumpkins LIVE!!!!

Tune in!  And pray I don’t drool this time either!!


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