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My designer Deb was here for my birthday again

By September 3, 20109 Comments

My birthday was last month. My designer friend Deb gave me the same present she did last year (click here for last year’s link)….the gift of her time in my home. I luvvvvvvvvvvvvvv her.

We rearranged and hung furniture and purged ugly crap and rehung stuff for several hours.

My house was torn up!!!!! But it was so worth it; I love everything she did!

My sweet, darling little Ava Grace was SUPPOSED to be down for a nap, but Deb and I thought we heard her up creepin‘ in her room.

This is what we found. Notice I took pictures BEFORE she got in trouble! haha!

My darling Ava had rearranged and un-hung stuff…..

She lathered her toilet and walls with lotion…..

and made toilet paper “art” in the sink with water.

Next year, Ava gets to go to Grandma’s house when Deb is here.

I don’t need her doing her own “decorating” . Oh……bless her little heart!

Yes I was upset, but when she sees her momma constantly putting things on the walls/taking things off the walls/gluing rhinestones to the walls/rubbing glaze on the walls… can I be too mad?

But, I do wonder where she got the whole “playing with toilet paper in the sink” thing from? Daddy maybe? hmmmmmm…….


  • Melissa says:

    Our daughter, Harper, and her best friend, Savannah, did the same at a young age. But with pencil on wallpaper and painted walls. They thought they were “decorating.” That was about 9 years ago. Creativity continues! What can ya do?

  • Lori says:

    Does lotion come off walls? Yikes

  • Tara says:

    My daughter went through that phase. We had to lock her bathroom door for a while before she learned she can’t play in the sink or dump Mama’s jewelry box in the toilet (that was fun).

  • Laura @ Ms Smartie Pants says:

    Oh no! You wonder what goes on in those little minds some days. I remember when my sons got the peanut butter out when we were ALL suppose to be napping. It was everywhere! I can’t wait to see what your friend helped with and have you show that whole bathroom on your blog before? It looks adorable!

  • Dixie Mom says:

    Boy, that girl sure keep you on your toes!
    So when are you going to post pictures of the results?

  • Kate says:

    Thanks for the laugh! My little girl just started sleeping in a twin bed, and I’m waiting for the day when she makes a similar mess during ‘sleep’ time. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what YOU did!

  • Becolorful says:

    How could you be mad? Just look at her. She’s so cute. I could never discipline her. She would grow up incorrigible in my house. 🙂

    So I know I have officially been following for a year. I actually remember that post of when Deb came last year. I think that is about the time I started reading your blog. I love it still.

    I also have to say it must be the designer in me but I was looking beyond the lotioned toity to the silver swirled wall. Now I’ve got to say I LOVE that. I’m thinking it would be pretty on a taupe wall in MY bath. So glad I came a creeping through today.

  • Tamra says:

    Yep, monkey see, monkey do. Only it would be much better if it didn’t look like do do when they’re done.

    I love the picture right before she gets caught. Hilarious. I could just picture her little hands hard at work slathering her art everywhere enjoying the quiet contentment a true artist gets while in the zone, and then mom comes in and spoils all the fun. LOL

  • Oh man, Ava and Sophie are two of a kind. That kid slathers lotion on everything and I swear she goes thru a roll of TP every single day and I know that she is not using it to wipe. I find wet TP all over the house – wait till Ava discovers that she can get it wet and it will stick to walls like wallpaper and dry that way. Even better when they Magic Marker the TP first and then wallpaper. Seriously, what makes their little minds think that they aren’t gonna get into trouble, or perhaps they know they are gonna get it but just can’t resist the temptation and the crime is worth the time.

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