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I’ve had many women in my mastermind who have FINALLY started making money in their business but they still wonder why their bank accounts don’t reflect their efforts. After more discussion with them, I’ve discovered this pattern: The issue isn’t generating revenue, the issue is keeping that revenue. I call this the hot potato syndrome. The money comes into the bank and it feels sooooo uncomfortable that they instantly start making plans to get rid of it and spend it. So in this podcast, we are going to identify where this behavior is coming from and how to shift it so we are comfortable receiving this income and KEEPING it.

Join me for my Money, Faith, and Business virtual event! Think about the success you could have if you are able to get your money mindset, your faith, and your business in alignment with God’s calling on your life. He has an amazing plan, but it is up to you to BE OBEDIENT! Sign up at:!

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