There are so many ways to make money using your creative talents, and today I’d like to share 6 different ways you may not even realize.

Not every profitable creative endeavor must be done by trading time for money. In other words, you can make money with your creative talent besides physically refinishing a piece of furniture or painting a room or making another wreath.

Too many creatives get stuck in a rut like a hamster on a wheel, going faster, working harder, taking on more projects just to make money. It’s time to get off the wheel and be smarter about how you bring in income as a creative!

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1. Make whatever you make and sell it online. A few years ago, I had an “ah-ha” moment while running myself ragged trying to complete a huge
project. Every day I had to drive 30-40 minutes to a project in order to oversee a work force of 8 people working for me. When the project was finished, I was depleted and surprised by how little I had actually made after everything and everyone was paid. I thought about taking on more projects at a time, hiring more people. I couldn’t get excited since I knew my strength wasn’t in managing people but rather teaching people. That’s when I decided to teach people what I do-online. I could create something once, then offer to it anyone online no matter where they lived!

So I began selling painting videos and quickly turned that into a 6 figure business in 14 months! I made the videos once and sold them over and over and over.

2. Use your creative talent that God gave you to make info products. This can be an eBook, a video, or a webinar. My first webinar had 400 people who paid $47 each! I also have DIY videos for learning to paint, plus I even have a Paint Finish of the Month Club. Some people fear if people buy their videos once, will they ever need to buy any more again? The reality is your online following will grow so you’ll always have new people to sell to. A second fear many may have is why would people buy from me when they could possibly find this information online for free? This is where branding YOU and building relationships with your following on social media comes into play. People buy from people they know, like and trust. 

3. Use sponsored content. This means creative people can get paid to do blog posts, to do Facebook lives,  and make videos for big brands. In my Creators Roadmap course, I teach you how to approach sponsors and what to say to them to get them interested in paying you for your opinion.

4. Make money with ad revenue. Once it’s set up, you don’t have to do anything more with it. This highly overlooked income source from your
website traffic depends on your page views per month. More traffic visiting your site = more page views = more ad revenue generated. Don’t have a website, not sure where to start building one? I have resources for you in my Creators Roadmap course. 

5. Do affiliate marketing. When done right, affiliate marketing is a gift to your audience. When your followers are asking you where you’ve gotten your
products or tools, it’s doing them a disservice by not giving them the information. A lot of companies will pay you to share your information to an
audience that has asked for it. From my website, I make almost double from affiliate marketing vs ad revenue every month. This is well worth

6. Do speaking engagements, guest speaking on podcasts, home show guests, etc. Get paid to speak to people about what you already know. Then get them on your email list and continue selling to them from there.

So these are a few suggestions to take you from hustle, hustle, hustle to making passive income every month even while you’re on vacation! These ideas will help you get off the spinning wheel to nowhere and back on track towards success.

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Happy creating!!


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