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Mr. Magic is the bomb.

He just build our daughter a loft bed.

With no plans. Just an idea and some muscle and I could not be more thrilled!!!


He started by measuring her mattress out and making the “frame” for the mattress to lay on just slightly larger.

Yes I held my breath while he worked next to my truck. OMGosssssssssssssssssssssssssssh we need a shop!


How to Build a Loft Bed | Jennifer Allwood

Then he covered the frame in plywood.


How to Build a Loft Bed | Jennifer Allwood

Next, we had picked the only corner in Ava’s bedroom that the loft bed could go in.

We measured her sitting on the floor criss-cross-applesauce to see how much room she needed for her head to clear the ceiling when she was on bed.

And then we put the brace up lower than that.


How to Build a Loft Bed | Jennifer Allwood

Total transparency. At first we planned on NOT having a “leg” under the loft bed and having it secured from the ceiling. You can see more of what I am talking about on our Facebook LIVE HERE. 

It was MORE THAN secure….. we just didn’t like how that board across the ceiling felt when you entered the room. It felt heavy. So we resorted to plan B.


How to Build a Loft Bed | Jennifer Allwood

Plan B was us putting a pole under the floating corner of the loft bed. And then we removed the board from the ceiling. Either would have worked, but this was prettier.


How to Build a Loft Bed | Jennifer Allwood

Mr Magic built a “frame” around the outside both to make it look more finished and to give the mattress something to “sit in”.



How to Build a Loft Bed | Jennifer Allwood

Next we needed a way for her to get up into the bed. 

Mr Magic had this old painting ladder in the garage for years. He literally cut it to size and we used it and I am OBSESSED with how it turned out.


How to Build a Loft Bed | Jennifer Allwood

He did secure the ladder to the floor because:

  • #ohAva
  • #SwingingFromTheChandeliers
  • #AccidentWaitingToHappen

And I covered the rungs of the ladder in fur because #cantstop, #wontstop and also….it’s softer on her feet. Lol.

You can watch me adding the fur HERE.


How to Build a Loft Bed | Jennifer Allwood

After that, Mr. Magic put these wood pieces up on the sides (notice we used pre-primed wood to make life easy) to make safety rails ….


And then he ran a piece of wood across the top to make a safety rail.

You can see it well in this pic. 

And yes, that’s my beautiful 65 year old momma who climbed up in Ava’s bed with her! So fun!



I shopped for this new bedding and decorated with these cute swags and we called it done.

Didn’t he do amazing???? Next post up is the entire room reveal!!! Stay tuned!



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