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I see llamas EVERYWHERE right now in home decor!!!

They are quite the decorating rage.

I see them when shopping at Hobby Lobby …

Llama Alpaca Art

… I’ve got them in my living room decor right now…(See here.)



… and one of Ava’s childhood books was “Is your Mamma a Llama?” 

So I love llamas anyways even if they weren’t popular!

When I was looking on for my craft room paper (See what I picked out here.) I just happened to stumble across this llama wall paper, and I was like “Oh my Gosh, I’m obsessed!”

Llama Llama Girls Room Wallpaper ideas Jennifer Allwood

So originally we were just going to do it in the bathroom…

Llama Llama Girls Room Wallpaper ideas Jennifer Allwood

And it’s so stinkin’ cute in there!!! 

The wallpaper is white, and unfortunately the tile in her shower is cream. I wanted to make sure we hung the shower curtain high enough to hide the cream shower tile. But the regular shower curtain was not long enough! It was about 18″ too short. So I bought a a third shower curtain panel and had my mom make it longer to be certain it would touch the floor. Basically My mom took one curtain and cut it in half and mom sewed it to the bottom of the other two penels to make two really long panels to make the shower curtain. Now you can’t even see the tile in the shower! ( You can find  this pink ruffle shower curtain here

Llama Llama Girls Room Wallpaper ideas Jennifer Allwood

Llama Llama Girls Room Wallpaper ideas Jennifer Allwood

We found this sign in Hobby Lobby in the clearance rack for $3!! See my Facebook post about it here.  

But when was looking at Ava’s bedroom I saw this wall between two windows that would be super cute with the wallpaper also. 

Llama Llama Girls Room Wallpaper ideas Jennifer Allwood

Llama Llama Girls Room Wallpaper ideas Jennifer Allwood

I loved that we were able to find it in the same colors as her previous bedroom, which you can see here. No, we didn’t set up her loft bed from the last home. (You can see how Mr. Magic built that bed here.) We ended up buying this Pottery Barn bunk bed off of Craigslist from a friend of mine. 

Llama Llama Girls Room Wallpaper ideas Jennifer Allwood

I love that we could pull in the matching shower curtain as her curtains. They really are shower curtains. So in total I bought five of these unlined ruffle shower curtains. (Again you can find purchase these here.) 

I really promise I never thought I would be such a wallpaper fan after being a faux finisher for 17 years. But pretty wall paper is taking over my house, you guys. It is so cute. If you haven’t seen the floral in my craft room, go here, and I also have a angel-wingy print in my powder bath, see here

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Since I know you will ask, I’ve curated these shop-able items for you below from my girls room wallpaper makeover !

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