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Living life through my toddler

By May 1, 20124 Comments
This is Ava in St. Louis with us a few weeks ago. 
Isn’t she precious???
I was so glad the lighting was just perfect for some amazing pictures on this afternoon. 
As I pointed and clicked, I could help but marvel at the passion of toddlers.
They just can’t help but live life with vigor and innocence and in-the-moment-ness.

In front of the arch and everyone…..

With absolutely no regard to grass stains….

Or who is watching…..

Or if their hair will be messed up…..

Or if they will be covered in chigger bites.

And then just as quickly as they enjoy one thing…..

….they are off and running to another equally amazing and interesting thing.

I love the passion of my children.

Some days, I long to just throw caution to the wind and join them in their in-the-moment-ness. 

Perhaps the next time I will.

As long as there are no chiggers or grass stains looming of course.


  • I totally agree!
    xx Karen

  • sandi says:

    we have a local spot called mount trashmore (a landfill covered in grass with a great park attached) that is great for flying kites and running down. the children want to roll down and all i can think about is all the canadian geese poop everywhere. gross. but everytime i let them roll while i leisurely walk.

  • Jill of all Trades says:

    I, too, felt the urge to play like a kid again not too long ago when I spied a bunch of kids rolling down a hill like human logs. I loved doing that when I was a kid! So I laid down on the grass and got to rolling.

    Of course it wasn’t ’til I got to the very bottom of a loooong hill that I realized rolling down hills was a lot more fun back before I got boobs. Ouch!

  • busanalayali says:

    Your photos are just amazing! I am so in love with them!
    toko busana muslim

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