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I love mannequins

By February 21, 201015 Comments

I have a sweet neighbor who had a mannequin that looked “a little bit like” this gathering dust in her garage:

I say a “little bit like this”….. because it was actually broken and looked more like this:

Which in turn made me think of this:

(The Leaning Tower of Pisa)

She offered to give it to me if I could “do anything cute with it”. Honey I sure will try!

(By the way…… I know you are all TERRIFIED that is all the better I can draw! I am a faux finisher… definitely not a fine artist!!!!!)

The hubster took the top of the mannequin off of the base for me and we dressed it up for Ava’s room:

It’s wearing the tutu that my mom made Ava for her first birthday:

(Meet my gorgeous mom! And look at Ava’s adorable, chunky-monkey legs!!!!!)

I added a feather boa and the pearls I wore on my wedding day almost 13 years ago.

It makes me smile every time I look at it.

Linking up to Creative Cats & Someday Crafts! Go take a look for more decorating ideas!


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