So 6 weeks ago my husband and I decided to put our house up for sale. We’ve been in our current home for 11 years and are ready for something new and we would like to find a home that backs up to trees for our kiddos.  And let’s be honest.  Momma wants granite.  And a mud room.  ha!

Even though this is the 4th home that we have lived in, its been a lonnnnng time since we have sold one. The last time we sold a house we only had one kiddo and my business was so much smaller, so we just had “less stuff”. Its soooooo much harder with three kiddos at home (did I mention they are on summer break) and a studio in your home!  Wow!

We’ve had several really interesting things come to light during this sale process. I want to share them with you as TO HELP SOMEONE AVOID OUR MISTAKES!

We did a ton of work on the house prior to putting it on the market. We re-

painted the entire exterior.  We went from a washed out taupe with lighter trim…..



To a deeper Sherwin Williams “Virtual Taupe” with “Smokehouse” for the trim.  And my door is “Peppery”.  I’m in love with it.  Like “I want to marry it” in love with it.




We re -carpeted the inside.   And by recarpeting the inside I mean…..”we had every belonging we own shoved into a hallway for 24 hours”.  It’s a wild process.  Thank goodness for carpet layers….that is a hard job that I would not want to have!

We replaced the minor wood rot, cracked windows, etc. These are things that WE would be looking for it in the future house we are purchasing. We thought we had done ALLLLLLLLLL the things that really matter.

So over the course of the last 6 weeks, we have had a very interesting feedback. The majority of which centers around the fact that our house is too personalized to our taste. We’ve had several realtors suggest that we take down some of our personal things. So about 2 weeks ago, I went through the house and took down almost all of our family photos. Take a guess at how many family photos I removed? 53. Does this mean I need therapy? Lol. I had NO IDEA we even owned 53 framed pictures.  Before you think I am a whack job, seriously go around your house and count all the photos you have of you and family or friends.  You will probably be surprised too! And report back.  I want to know I’m not alone in my abundance of photos/

And  so I removed all those pictures, but wouldn’t you know it….. the very next showing had the comment afterwards that we “needed to the de-personalize our home”. What? I just removed 53 photos!  lol.

So the next week I decided to paint over the biblical words that I had stenciled over each of my children’s doors into their bedrooms. These are words that the Lord gave me for my kids when each of them were toddlers. It was really difficult for me and for them to see them be painted over, but I reminded my kids that God has tattooed these words over their hearts. The words don’t have to be over their doors for them to apply to their life. And … we can always re-stencil the words in our new house!



So the very personalized word stencils are now gone.  Insert sadface.  But, it’s ok and necessary for a sale.

Then I decided it was time to take down my beloved gallery wall.  That one stung a little.  It was  a labor of love.  You perhaps remember this blog post here.




A couple of our showing comments said that the buyers “could not get past the sellers ‘stuff’ “.   I am still refusing to be offended, so I assume “stuff” means “really cool gallery wall”. I took it down one afternoon last week right before we had a showing.


This was the new, more “generic” wall.  Certainly this would be enough “de-personalizing”, right?  I was wrong. The very next showing comment was that our house was “decorated very specific to seller’s taste”. LOL.  Should I laugh or should I cry?


So this week I am planning on painting over the Bible verse that is in my master bedroom. And I’m also planning on taking down the world’s largest vinyl photo of any kids on the planet that I blogged about here.




Did you know that research shows that children to see pictures of themselves throughout their home have a higher self-esteem than kids with no pictures? I took that literally and wanted to make sure they had 53 photos and a huge poster of them self!!  Ha!

So we have continued to make the home more generic by removing ALL rugs from our house (who knew that buyers would think that makes the hallways look smaller and that you are hiding something under the rugs?  I am shocked!)

At this point though I just feel like we are throwing darts and hoping one sticks.

So here is what I will tell you that I KNOW about selling a home in today’s market.

  1. * people are unable to visualize much less than I ever thought
  2. * you need to do all of this de-personalizing BEFORE your house is on the market, not during…..  Ug.
  3. * when it’s meant to sell, it will sell and not a day before hand.


So, I am still not discouraged.  We are praying a family who LOVES our home would be the perfect ones to buy it.  We are praying for the right timing.  We are praying that if God wants us to stay put that it just won’t sell at all (ug…that’s an uncomfortable prayer).

And I am certain that after this whole ordeal is over, there will be another blog post for you.  It will be called “What you SHOULD be looking for when you are shopping for a new home (and it’s not my rugs)”.  ha.

Until then, prayers appreciated for a speedy sale!  And I would LOVE to hear your home selling stories!!!!  We will survive this, right????

Much love,