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Got ugly cabinets? I’ve got fixes.

By September 19, 2014One Comment




Hey friends, whether we like it or not…. the holidays are headed our way.  And…. more than likely, we are all going to have people IN our homes.   Are you ready for that?  Or do you still have some projects in your house that you wish you could get done before everyone gathers at your place?  There is still time!

Overwhelmingly, the very #1 thing people complain to me about in their homes is their CABINETS.   And cabinets is what EVERYONE sees when they are in your home for Thanksgiving dinner or any other dinner for that matter.   Usually , the complaint is that cabinets are an outdated wood color. In Kansas City, it seems that for a decade there was a special on the same color golden oak stain shown below.  Blech. Yuck.

IMG_5764 before after

(these doors are different sizes, but from the same kitchen)


So today for my Faux Friday special, I’m putting my “Chestnut Stained” video 50% off using the code CHESTNUT50 at checkout when you go here. It is the very FIRST video on that link.

I LOVE this  Chestnut finish.  First, it’s so easy.  It can be rolled or brushed which means it’s easy enough that you can get the video and have your hubby help you redo the kitchen (it’s easy to match each other’s painting).  Or get your BFF.  Yeah, definitely ask your BFF.  If you are anything like my hubby and I, you don’t paint well together.  Ha!

The finish is also WATER-BASED which means easy, breezy clean-up and low on the odor scale if that’s something you worry about.

And finally, but most importantly, this finish is GORGEOUS.  Seriously you guys….. here are some recent projects where we used this finish.  All of these cabinets were much lighter to begin with!



IMG_5663  20140815_111251

2014-09-18 21.51.32

(this is the kitchen we are working in this week….notice the original wood color that the door is leaning on!)

For anyone wanting to darken the shade of their wood…..THIS VIDEO is the ticket.

And remember, my videos are NOT just for kitchens.  Here is a recent handrail project that the Magic Brush girls finished using this finish:



You can use this technique on ANYTHING that is a wood color you dislike.  So look at your laundry room cabinets, your fireplace, your oak dining room table, your old endtables, etc.  Be creative!

My video gives you all the prep work, a list of all of the products you need and where to buy them and I show you how to do acabinet door.  You can watch and re-watch the video as many times as you want.  It’s almost like having me right there in your house, just without the big hair and glitter everywhere.  ha.

So check out the video and for those of you who are starting your own faux finishing biz or expanding your biz to include cabinets….. THIS is a money-maker.  You’ll want it in your arsenal of finishes to offer.

The video can be found here and don’t forget the code CHESTNUT50 at checkout.



One Comment

  • Shere says:

    Hi, we have the Orangey golden shiny oak cabinets, but we did black granite countertops. Do the magic brush girls paint cabinets white?

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