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Goal setters: THIS is our week

By December 29, 2014One Comment

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This is one of my favorite weeks of the year in business and just in life in general.  It’s a week when I try very hard to look at the year behind me and gauge how I did.  If you are a goal setter, you totally get this.  You totally get ME. I have a daily to do list which is really…… just goals on paper for the day.  I have goals for the month.  Goals for my health.  Goals for our finances.  Goals for project completion.  Sometimes I feel weird because I don’t know how NOT to set goals.  To many of you, that may sound crazy.  But I know I’m not alone here.

Those of us who are overly-driven goal setters are far and few between, but I have learned to quit fighting the very way God designed me just so that I can feel like I fit in. It’s ok that I feel weird.  It’s ok that you feel weird.  It’s ok that I push myself.  It’s ok that you push yourself.  I KNOW that I am not alone because I’ve heard from many of you.  Many of you get me because you too are goal setters.  And if you get me, then you know…..  when we are goal setters….. THIS IS OUR WEEK people!!!!!

This is the week where I/you ask myself/yourself:

  • Did I make my goals this year?
  • Did I accomplish what I wanted to?
  • Am I proud of the year I just lived?
  • Where could I have improved?
  • What should I have done differently?

And then, because my natural tendency is to put a check, check and check next to all I accomplished, my mind immediately wants to start setting goals for 2015.  But this is where I have to stop.  And this is where YOU have to stop.  When we are goal setters, we want to use up every single second of the year trying to reach our goals and then immediately start planning the next year without giving  ourselves permission to just stop a stinkin’ second and reflect on all we just did.  I want to pause this week and I want YOU to pause this week and just look back at 2014.  Like reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally look at it.

I know many of you did stuff you were scared out of your mind to do.  I know you started projects and businesses and dreams while you were shaking on the inside.  I know you nailed some of your goals. I know you quit jobs and started chemo and ran your first race and tried again for a baby and YOU DID SCARY STUFF when you could have done nothing.

And I want to tell you that I think you rock.  And I give you permission to pat yourself on the back for doing the hard stuff.  So many people just put their lives on cruise control and are content to remain status quo.  But not me.  And not you.  You dared to dream bigger and aim higher and do something different and I want to applaud you.  I think you are marvelous and I know what some of you had to go through to break free from the “normal” in 2014 to do something BIGGER.  I know what it took.  I know the price you paid.

But, you did it.  I did it.  We could have backed down and cowered in a corner, but we refused to give up on our dreams.

And THAT is worth celebrating.

2015 will be here soon enough and we’ll start talking then about our new goals.  I will be releasing my first mentorship program in 2 weeks.  It is going to help many of you reach your business goals in 2015 because it is addressing the MENTAL game of being a small business owner.  And many of you have told me, THAT is where you want my help reaching your new goals.  Details are coming.

But for today, let’s reflect. To my goal setting friends, put this on your to do list if you must. Let’s be grateful for all we accomplished in 2014 and for all God gave to us.  Gratefulness for this past year only sets us up for blessings in 2015.  Take the time and celebrate.




PS.  In case you are wondering, one of my goals for 2014 was my first book and that ebook was released last week (insert me cheesing like a big old goofball.  I’m so happy its done!).  You can find it here.




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  • Jamie says:

    Love love love this!!! But, I’m just TOO excited about 2015. I just set up my new webpage and am ready to start this whole blog for money thing… We shall see how it goes. 🙂

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