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Giant Christmas Ornament decorating | Magic Brush

I scored some SWWWWWEEEETTT over-sized Christmas balls last week! (Similar to these Christmas ornaments available here.) Well I thought to myself…. everything is cuter with glitter. Let me cute them balls up!

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Giant Christmas Ornament decorating | Magic Brush

So I attempted to add polka dots to my big, round green ball!

Giant Christmas Ornament decorating | Magic Brush
First of all… it took a lot of glitter glue to get the look I wanted. Learn from my mistakes friends…. glitter glue runnnnnnnnnnnnns. See how it schlempted off to the side. Yes “schlempted”… it is a word.

So being rather resourceful, I decided to blow dry the dots right after I painted them on:

Giant Christmas Ornament decorating | Magic Brush

Then I made the HUUUUUGGGEEEEE mistake of walking away from the project. I came back and found this:
Giant Christmas Ornament decorating | Magic Brush

CRAP!!!!!!! Oh bless that girl’s heart. She’s lucky it didn’t break!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at this face as I told her to get down. And Ava you could fall. And Ava leave mom’s stuff alone. And Ava get the glitter out of your mouth.” Etc. Etc. Etc.

Giant Christmas Ornament decorating | Magic Brush

Finally, I got smart and put the giant Christmas ornament in a box…
Giant Christmas Ornament decorating | Magic Brush

Then got REALLLLLLLLLY smart and used a stencil brush and twisted it in a circle to make a painted bronze (I love to use Modern Masters Metallic Antique Bronze) dot so I didn’t have to use as much glitter glue over top of it!
Giant Christmas Ornament decorating | Magic Brush And voila. It’s done. I only did one ball. One giant Christmas ornament. Seriously… it was way too much work for not enough bang on the cuteness scale.

But, in “cute husband news”….. we had an “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party” this weekend that he won!
Giant Christmas Ornament decorating | Magic Brush

Wow… those are badddddd sweaters.

Five days ’til Christmas y’all….



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  • Oh, I’ve had projects like these. I tried painting stripes on Christmas ornaments last year. Can you imagine how ridiculous it is to paint straight stripes on a sphere. They all ended up in the trash. Ava is adorable and your sweaters are a riot.

  • Wanda says:

    So glad that huge ball didn’t break. How did it not?


  • Amber says:

    Nice Job on the sweaters! They really ARE some of the worst!! Have A Merry Christmas Jen!

  • CHELZERS says:

    yes it is a LOT of work. my house is covered in glitter from similar projects. Cute though. thanks for your comment on my blog.
    Have a great Christmas!

  • Shauna says:

    Dude..I can not quit laughing at Jason in that turtle neck!! That is pretty bad…but seriously funny! I can not believe in the midst of everything else going on your finding time to paint balls, girl you have dog gone lost your mind:) they look adorable though!

  • KC Mom says:

    The ball was cute…ended up being worth the work huh?
    I think a ugly sweater party is genius! I think the turtle neck wins…hands down. 🙂

  • The ball fell (was thrown??) and didn’t break! Wow, you must’ve been praying over that thing. 😉
    It sure turned out cute, although I wouldn’t attempt it myself.

    Love those sweaters. What a great idea. I wonder how many of my friends would be game for such a party…. hmmm….

  • Girly Stuff says:

    That polka dot ball was your Christmas nightmare!! But it turned out too cute!!!

    And you with the hairdryer was priceless!!

    Love his sweater! And yours actually cutesied up with that scarf you are sportin’!

  • Pamela says:

    Too funny! Love your kitchen chandys!

  • Anonymous says:

    It was certainly interesting for me to read this blog. Thanks for it. I like such themes and anything connected to them. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.

  • L says:

    Wow – Jas in that sweater is almost as bad as the fuzzy vest and leggings last year!

    Ava Grace…bless her heart!

  • { L } says:

    This is an awesome project! Well done and super entertaining to read, lol. I LOVE how you hung them over your windows. Your blog is so much fun, I am very much enjoying it. 🙂

  • I’m envisioning my bad sweater party as I type! Hee Hee.

    Love the end result of the glittery balls.

  • OMG , your hubby’s turtleneck is VERY festive 🙂 – that is still a great holiday picture of you two…

    (ps I love the hanging chandeliers over your island)

    What makes me laugh about you, too, is how you always have your camera at hand so that you can tell the story better – Ava’s face is priceless!

  • Nancy W says:

    Loved the post, the photos, the ugly sweaters and your story telling! Incase you want to give the glitter balls another try 😉 I would run out to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and buy some adhesive dots. Then you can simply put the dots on the ball and sprinkle glitter on them. Hugs from Conroe, TX!

  • Cindy Crabtreee says:

    The adhesive dots are a good idea, but to get LOTS of glitter coverage, I first paint the design, then go over about 1/4 of the design and paint with glue, then sprinkle glitter over. I set mine (standard size balls) in an egg carton to dry. Painting the glue on tends to take out the “run” factor LOL I also like to use Micro beads as well as the glitter.

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