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Getting your kids exercising with you

By August 28, 200913 Comments

First, let me clarify that I certainly do want want to pretend I am any kind of fitness expert. Oh contraire!!!!!! I am far from it. But as I edge closer and closer to 40…. I’ve learned:

  • a) finding time to work out gets harder and harder and
  • b) if I don’t work out, I could swell up like a blowfish.

So, I’ve had to start including my kids on many of my workouts just so I can fit them in.

My friend Laretha and I have taken our kids to our neighborhood tennis courts several times this summer. We are able to “cage” the kids in with us…. while we do sprints, push ups, lunges, etc.

Here is baby Ava… learning to plank…

…and getting her squat on.

Every summer, I make the “World’s Longest Hopscotch” in sidewalk chalk with the neighbor kids. This year we made it to 200 squares. Talk about good exercise! (Warning….you may need to take a potty break before jumping 200 times. All you ladies with babies know what I am talking about….)

Several years ago, I spray painted a kickball field onto our street. I would advise you to clear this with your neighbors first. Luckily I have the best neighbors ever…. so we have a Home Plate in the middle of the street….. and all the other bases spray painted as well.

The kids play kickball ALL THE TIME!!!! And if I play with them… I get in some cardio for the day. Plus…I get to feel like a really sassy 38 year old when I kick the ball over all their heads. It’s good for the ego!

Sometimes I have the boys bike while I run pushing Ava in a stroller. And yesterday, Laretha and I tried something new. We packed up our 5 kids and took them to a high school running track with their scooters and bikes so we could run and work out while they played.

I have found that if I include the kids in my exercising, I work out longer, I don’t feel guilty for being away from them and most importantly….. they want to exercise also!

I also wanted to tell you about a couple of blogs that have really encouraged me to exercise despite the hectic schedules that all mom’s keep. Click here for “The Workout Mommy” and here for “Living Healthy in the Real World”.

It’s off to bed everyone. My friend Shauna, “fitness-instructor-extraordinaire”, is working me out tomorrow morning at the tennis courts. I’m gonna have to get my game face on…..

And yes…. that powerhouse of muscle at the top of my post is my kindergartner. Is he stinkin’ adorable or what?

Many blessings!



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