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My home office is one of my favorite remodel projects to date. The entire room was completely transformed into a bright, feminine, glamorous space where I can feel inspired, creative, and productive. Did you miss my blog post on the reveal? Check that out here.

Today’s post is all about the beautiful French doors we had installed, and I’m excited to show you this makeover!

When we moved in, there were NO lights in the office… Not even one! The room was extremely dark and I don’t know about you, but I cannot work in a dark space. I knew that some pretty French doors would help bring in the natural light and brighten up my space.

feminine home office doors jennifer allwood

To temporarily close off the spot for the future French doors, we hung up a sheet just so I could have some peace, quiet, and privacy in order to do my podcast. Oh, you don’t listen to my podcast?! Check it out here!


From Dark and Dingy to a Bright and Feminine Home Office!


When we moved in, the office walls were a dark beige. To glam it up and make it more my style, we chose to repaint them with a Light French Grey. It really helped glam up the room, and I knew that some French doors would be the perfect final touch in my new workspace.

Enter Chris Lee, a Kansas City local and owner of Lee Custom Woodworks! He and his crew built my beautiful French doors, leading into my office from the entryway. His crew came in and made a cardboard template of the opening for the French doors. And realize this, friends: Not all door openings are created equal. Some have a larger radius, or a gentle slope radius (mine did!).

So, Chris’ crew made the cardboard template to size and shape the spot for my new doors. Then, they brought them back and installed them beautifully. Lee Custom Woodworking used a type of wood called European Beach Tree, and they’re so classy and glamorous. This is exactly what I pictured when I dreamt up my feminine home office.


Timeless, Classy, and Elegant!

We tried to mimic the design that was in the front doors as well as the window in my office. Our painters, ProLine Painting, came back and painted them Pewter Cast. This paint color is so chic!

So, there you have it, friends! There are my new French doors.

Have you seen what we put up on my wall for artwork? You can check that out that here!




P.S. Does your pup love to sit at your feet while you work like mine does?!


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