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Do you have “Fear of Man”?

By December 23, 20132 Comments



I have always been a “people pleaser”.

I like peace and I dislike confrontation.

I want everyone happy, happy, happy.

Well the Lord started showing me a few years ago that while all of those peacemaking traits are wonderful….I was also suffering from “fear of man”.

I think many people don’t even recognize what “fear of man” looks like. So,  I came up with some examples. Do you:

  • ask many people for their advice before making decisions?
  • not give your opinion, even when asked for it, because you don’t want to upset anyone?
  • make decisions to keep peace at any cost even when you are really upset on the inside?
  • keep your faith under wraps, quiet, to yourself ?
  • have a hard time saying no when you are already way too busy?
  • let many things slide that are very hurtful to you just because you don’t want to have uncomfortable conversations?
  • feel like an emotional punching bag or dumping spot for others?
  • feel like you are going to absolutely throw up when you know you have to confront someone?

All of those things were me.  On the DISC personality profile test….I am a strong “S”…. a peace lover.

Today, I am still a peace lover, but I have come a LONG way in the last few years.  Jesus called us to be peacemakers, but not doormats.

I am learning to ignore a lot my feelings because feelings aren’t always truth.  If I listened to my feelings, I would eat M&M’s all day, buy every pretty thing I saw, never do the laundry and never try anything new out of FEAR.

Fear of man will paralyze you.  It will keep you stuck.

Know this:  fear is a liar.

Having trust in the Lord is what frees us.

Begin that journey today!

Many blessings,



  • Cheryl says:

    Thank you for this reminder. Good Word!! I am overcoming this horrible, paralyzing fear as well. Soon to be completely free!!!

  • Shawna says:

    I am also an S on the DISC profile. I answered yes to all those questions. I was recently given a cd on rejection, I think it all ties together. I figure that is why my word of the year is reject. Reject the things that don’t edify God and don’t edify me and my family. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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