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Jennifer Allwood | 30 Days of Prayer

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Is every room in my house faux finished?

No….my kitchen and living room have a great texture that hide any damage my kids could ever do.

I have torn paper that I made in my dining room.

I have a torn paper on my bedroom ceiling that i hate and am covering with tissue paper.

My powder bath is Venetian plaster with a leaf imprint.

My master bath is lusterstone… the dreamiest product EVER.

And that’s it. I wish I had time to do it everywhere.

Let me answer a few questions of yours:

Are you really artistic?

No….. I am a really good learner.

Are you totally right brain?

No…. I think I am half creative minded…. and half business minded….. so I can run a faux finishing company well. If I had to only paint or only run a business…. I’m probably crash at either. I need both.

Do you have an art degree?

No… I actually have a degree in Computer Information Systems. I was 30 when I finally got my Bachelor Degree. I started my painting company the next month… go figure.

Do you think an art degree would help in your business?

Perhaps. I will never forget the day… I was probably 27 or so…. when I sat in the counselor’s office at the college and had to officially I was so nervous….. I couldn’t decide between Interior Design and Computers. My gut and that still, small voice that only God has told me to go with Interior Design… but my checkbook was afraid I would make no money. So, I choose computers. And guess what…..I hated working on computers.

Do you just love to paint?

Well, I do enjoy painting. But I more enjoy CHANGING things. I love the transformation. The making nothing into something. The turning blah to beautiful. The look on client’s faces as they see their new room. The teaching. That’s what I love.

Do I always want to faux?

The longer I own the business and the busier we get….the more I get tied down with details. Insurance, more insurance, estimates, faxes, taxes. Did I mention insurance and taxes??? It’s not what creative people REALLY enjoy.

I’ve found that the internet…. Facebook and this blog in particular….. really fill a hole for the creative need that I have. I enjoy writing much more than I knew I did. I always enjoy TALKING about painting much more than I knew I did. I’ve done several radio interviews for a design show (you can find them here) and and found I love it.

My dream job? Staying home to raise my kids and just be a helper to my husband. Fauxing for free for people I like. Fauxing in my own house all the time.

How did I get on ABC’s Extreme Makeover?

It really was a God thing. I just happened to do the faux finishing for the builder who happened to be chosen for the Kansas City episode. It wasn’t that we were selected or better than anyone… it was just a sweet opportunity that I enjoyed so much. If you ever hear that the show is coming to a town near you….. get in touch with people who know people. We’ve helped with 3 shows….they always need people to work for free.

How do you do your business with 3 kids???

Oh….. this is where life gets interesting…..

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