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Turo might be a way to make money you never knew about. Friends, it is so important to me to help you figure out how to make money in the online space and the pandemic has changed the world in a lot of ways that aren’t all terrible. People are getting better and better at figuring out creative ways to make money in ways that work well with their families while doing things that make them happy. I talk with Cody Love on today’s podcast about getting creative with building a side hustle renting your vehicle.

Hit the Highlights

[04:00] Interview with Cody Love
[06:10] The car rental biz and Turo
[11:00] How the pandemic affected the car rental biz
[13:30] How to put your car on Turo for rent
[25:13] How to do really well on Turo

Jennifer Allwood Cody Love Turo

All About Cody Love, From Turo
Born and raised in Gilbert, AZ, Cody Love is married to his high school sweetheart. They have 3 kids. Family is everything to Cody! He and his wife both went to school out in Hawaii as his wife’s soccer scholarship took them there. Cody got into door-to-door sales for 6 years while in Hawaii, which created a great opportunity to learn hustling! Cody got into Turo on the host side and then eventually got onboarded with Turo on the corporate side when they moved back from Hawaii and opened up second headquarters in Phoenix. Cody loves life and loves working hard now so hopefully life will be “easier” later!

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