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Opening a brick & mortar is a huge feat! Can you imagine opening not one, but TWO brick & mortars in the middle of a Pandemic?! Elle Steadman not only imagined it, but did it! Friends, listen, everyone takes steps to push ideas out when they don’t know what they’re doing and even with no experience…and Elle is no exception. Join me in a great conversation about taking your ideas and transitioning them into real life businesses. All entrepreneurs must listen!

Hit the Highlights

[02:00] Elle Steadman of The Pink Dinosaur
[03:00] Elle’s background in fashion
[06:05] Started with tumblers and T-shirts
[08:00] Renting space on your own terms
[12:08] Hiring help and opening a second location
[14:00] Elle’s tips for entrepreneurs opening a brick & mortar
[16:11] The Pink Dinosaur Instagram
[21:13] The Global Orphan Project

brick & mortar Elle Steadman

All About Elle Steadman

Elle Steadman was a mom with a dream! She created Pink Dinosaur when her fourth child was born. Elle wanted to be able to stay home with her and have a creative outlet for herself as well. She named the boutique after her three boys (Noah, Warner & Jax) who all LOVE Dinosaurs and the pink is for her baby girl (Annie). Elle believes pink is more than just a color — it’s an attitude!

The Pink Dinosaur Boutique offers fashionable city t-shirts for the entire family. They also carry apparel and accessories to complete your perfectly styled look! Elle loves supporting other women owned small businesses and you will find a variety of KC makers items in her boutique!

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